Learn Coming OSRS Halloween Event with Free Rsorder Runescape Gold 2007

Are you looking forward to the exciting Halloween this year? OSRS Halloween event 2019 is coming soon in game with new rewards and previous Halloween event rewards.

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When is 2019 OSRS Halloween event release date?

Old School Halloween events always come out a week before the event date. According to Mod Flippy’s Tweet “One week til the Halloween event is out! Take a shot at guessing the reward(s).” on October 17th, OSRS Halloween event 2019 will launch with the update on October 24th.
During OSRS Halloween event, you will enjoy unique Halloween-themed rewards. Besides new rewards every year, there is also a chance of unlocking rewards in previous Halloween events, such as the Jack lantern mask, Banshee outfit, etc.

OSRS Q&A on Oct. 22nd cancelled for Halloween

Announced on the official Twitter account, Old School Q&A this week has been cancelled, and the next Q&A will be at 5pm GMT on Wednesday October 30th. This decision was made as some JMods are working on holiday and OSRS Halloween 2019, this week’s update and the Bounty Hunter feedback.
Zalcano and Gauntlet drop rate information will be revealed in the next week’s stream. In addition, the develop team is still refining the next iteration of their statement on OSRS 3rd party clients. They are looking to publish it as soon as possible, pending stakeholder approval.

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