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Large stone crusher production line

The merits of the stone Graphite Impact Crusher production line stone crusher plays a decisive role , and now the state of shantytowns , infrastructure construction increased investment funds , many of which also surged stone crusher manufacturers, but many are is a small, very few manufacturers can produce large-scale stone crusher .

Large stone crusher not only high yield, but also good quality, so they requested that their production technology is relatively high , we has a professional design and installation team , our production of large stone crusher in the stone circles as premier . Ordinary stone crusher crushing strength is usually small low yield , low cost device compatibility is poor, appears kinetic energy consumption, and an ordinary stone crusher discharge size reach, often require secondary crushing , so that not only consume human, financial , resources. Also increased input costs . our production of large stone crusher adopts the domestic leading technology developed from the capture of the particle size is not satisfied , the kinetic energy consumption, low yield history of chronic illness . The customer selected the city of Anhui Province, China is our production line large-scale stone crusher .

PCZ-1820 is a production of 1000-1200 tons of large stone crusher , the large-scale stone crusher rotor length is 1800 * 1964mm, Inlet size is 2000 * 1200mm, feed size ≤ 1200, this large stone crusher uses a bimetal composite hammer, front chrome resistant, followed by manganese resistant to attack. And the large-scale stone crusher has a shape function can reduce secondary crushing , you can also add a small amount of water when broken , this will help to protect the health of workers and good environment.

China’s Anhui Province, customers PCZ-1820 introduction of large-scale stone crushers in the local caused no small stir. This large-scale stone crusher also brought huge profits for STONE QUARRY Lord , broken out in the local building materials has become a favorite.



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