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Kobe Bryant is like a shy teenager of confidence. He loves to use the deed to prove his strength and might. He has been exceedingly praised as the individual who stands closest to the the god of basketball, Michael Jordan. He is a person who has series of glory in the province of basketball. From a child of 19 years old to a mature man, he has experienced a lot yet he still maintains his pride and confidence. Looking back to the bygone decade, there are countless deserving our tribute as well as a few need our oblivion.

I have played the role of wanderer all over my life. When I was a little kid, I was the only one black kid in the town of Italy. All the members of the NBA were older than me at the time when I stepped my pace into it. Yet, what makes me different from the others is by no means the age or the color of skin. On the contrary, it is the desire and the task that has separated me from the others. Every now and then, there are sense of doubt occurring to me on whether I am right in the insistence of the desire. And later I seemed to be enlightened that the true self exactly lied in the ceaseless pursuit of the next summit. The entering of the NBA meant the beginning of all things. my career had its beginning since the grand moment of mine.  At that time, I was only 17 years old. It was a very special moment that deserved my remembrance.

I admired the magician quite a lot. Michael Jordan may be the player from whom I have learnt most while the magician is forever one of my favourite players. Michael is the unsurpassed legend in the basketball. It is he that has perfect the activity. In him, we can get a lot of knowledge like the leadership, the resoluteness and the fundamental skills of basketball. And my combat with Jordan happened in the second year of my entering into the league. At that time, I was just 18 years old. And I had to defend against him. It was interesting. And I was happy with the occurrence. Today, he presented the best self through the jersey of number 24.

And in the grave culture, the epitaph is a necessary element. It is a general summary of the life of the deceased. Sometimes it is used as a way to think highly of the departed. Sometimes it is just a simple record of the events of the dead. And some may be quoted from the Bible. Sometimes it displays the words of the renowned figure. Sometimes it records nothing at all. The tablet of Wu Zetian, the famous empress of the Tang dynasty in the feudal China, is of international fame. Wordless as it is, it does utter the most profound meaning. Actually it is another kind of bragging, luring folks’ remembrance of her. What has been exposed though it is the hypocrisy.
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