Koi swims onto PS4 in Europe

We recently talked to Oasis Games’ Alen Wu about the game that reminded us a bit of that game company’s Flower and Flow – only with fishes. The game also features original compositions by pianist Zeta.

Koi PS4 which was previously released on mobile will set you back £7.39 in the UK (£5.91 for PS Plus members) and €8.99 in Europe (€7.19 for PS Plus members).

KOI takes players on a seemingly small journey with deeper meaning. Beneath the tranquil waters of the lotus pond lies a world of danger and uncertainty, illuminated by the game’s hypnotic, piano-based score by Chinese artist Zeta at every twist and turn. The devoted koi will face dangers from raging currents to deadly predators and spiky barriers. But by blooming flowers to purify the pond, threats can become beauty: dark predator fish can become harmless koi friends and melodies hidden in deadened twigs can make leaves green again. KOI is the game that asks players a simple question: Can you bring purity to a lotus pond, and in so doing, bring happiness and peace to your mind?

Chinese developers Dotoyou and publisher Oasis Games have launched Koi on PlayStation 4 today in Europe. It is actually the first ever completely Chinese developed PS4 game to launch. Oasis Games, a leading independent Chinese publisher, have launched KOI in European territories for the PS4. KOI is an exploration adventure game that follows the quest of a lone koi fish through an ever-evolving lotus pond. Developed by Tianjin-based indie studio Dotoyou, KOI aims to give players an entrancingly beautiful and imaginative experience that reflects on mankind’s effects on the environment.



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