Know the Benefits of Hiring a Tax Attorney in Perth


People never know when they will be faced with a complex tax situation that requires help from an expert. Have you ever fallen behind on your taxes, and got the IRS pounding down the door to collect? This can get a pretty scary because no one wants to deal with the IRS.

Maybe, you can handle some tax situations on your own, but there are some special cases in which only hiring a tax lawyer in Perth makes sense. Here we have listed a few reasons to hire a tax attorney for your business.


One of the worst nightmares for people is getting notice of a tax audit. People worry they will have to pay more taxes and even pay penalties because of an oversight on their returns. Only a tax lawyer can help you in dealing the situation and make the audit as smooth and penalty-free as possible. An experienced lawyer will make an offer to compromise the tax debt, set it up on an instalment agreement and file for penalty agreement.


People require a certain amount of eloquence to communicate with the IRS. If not well-spoken or unable to deliver the right message, they could jeopardise their relationship with this agency. A Perth tax lawyer can act as a communication liaison when people have trouble speaking assertively and clearly. He or she speaks for the client through letters, phone calls or e-mail and makes IRS understand the queries of the taxpayer.

Missing Returns

Often people neglect to file a tax return, even if they are the most responsible person. It is a must to hire a tax lawyer if a person has missing returns that need to be accounted for and filed. For specific questions from IRS, people can have their attorneys explain the circumstances and give some leniency in getting those missing returns filed and paid.

Estates and Inheritances

The IRS collects taxes on income and on money that people receive through estates and inheritances. If a person wants to prepay the taxes on an estate before it is bequeathed to heirs, a Perth tax lawyer can help you. In such cases, the lawyer can make sure that the tax has been paid to the government and whether or not the gift should be included on the recipients’ returns.

By relying on a qualified tax attorney, people can avoid trouble with the IRS and minimise any penalties.

The author of this article is the leading tax lawyer in Perth with over two decades of experience in practicing law. In this article, he writes the top reasons to hire a Perth tax attorney. Visit for more information.



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