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You may notice that recently when logging into game, you will receive a message related to the RuneScape Mysterious egg. Wonders what this is about? Let’s read on to learn more.

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Who will receive the message about Mysterious egg?

Actually during the Easter event this year, many players may have got the Mysterious egg as a companion pet reward upon the completion of the temporary Guilded Eggstravaganza quest. And these players who had the egg will be greeted with the message “You notice your Mysterious Egg is rocking more vigorously than normal.” when logging in after 00:00 on June 19th.

What does this message mean?

When receiving the message, these players all want to know what this is about. Here are some guesses from other players, which do you think is the most likely?
1.Related to the upcoming big summer update – the Land Out of Time;
2.The egg will hatch into a Dino pet with the release of Land Out of Time;
3.It may be helpful during the Breaking the Storm event arriving on June 24;
4.It’s about Mahjarrat Aura, obtainable by all players from June 29.

As you can see, most players think it has something to do with the Dino Island – Land Out of Time. Until now, we have no confirmation from the RS team. And we will bring you further information as soon as we can.

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