Know How Amazingly Exterior Metal Wall Panels Ensure Wellbeing of Property and Lives

Categorized as non-structural elements, exterior metal wall panels are extensively used in order to form a structurally designed curtain walling to protect commercial and residential buildings from flood, fire, hurricane, and other natural calamities.

Unique Characteristics of Exterior Metal Wall Panels

 With vintage and ultra-modern look, they are available in shiny and matt finishes;

 Extremely hardwearing to all other building elements and long lasting;

 Made from alloy, steel and aluminum panels, wall panels can be customized;

 Exterior metal wall Panels made structures are high tech and consistent

 Eco friendly and sustainable

Four Key Advantages of Exterior Metal Wall Panels

Fire fence

With numbers of heating and cooling systems, air conditioners, entertainment devices, computers, security devices, electrical gadgets and cabling, both commercial and residential buildings are vulnerable to fire incidents. Undeniably, it is a major risk and an incidence that can lead to substantial loss in terms of human life to property, computer systems, home appliances business documents and more. The innovatively designed 100% fireproof exterior metal wall panels work similar to a barricade or fence and stop the fire from being extended.

Rain Screen

In case of flooding, a very common occurrence in areas that experience lots of downpour especially in the rainy reason or due to natural calamity, exterior metal wall panels act akin to a raincoat and water barrier and forestall water force from entering inside the building complex as well, from spreading in the interior area. It also prevents human lives, houses, and assets from decaying due to growth of mold or mildew that has severe impact on building plasters, materials and devastates human wellbeing. Equally, it saves commercial buildings and houses from hurricane, cyclone, or tornado, a natural happing in seaside areas.

Great Insulator

No matter, it’s flood, fire or tempest, exterior metal wall panels can be effectively used as a great insulator that preserve heat inside in the winter months and coolness in summer. Insulation is a great technology that reduces the cost of utility expenses and saves energy by restoring warmth and coldness within residential and commercial areas being covered. Most importantly, exterior metal wall panels are used globally nowadays to insulate cold storage settings, which typically demands chilly set for food preservation. In the recent times, The US Green Building Council has recommended the consistent metal walls as a great sustainable constructional implement to building developers and constructors.

Low Installation and Maintenance Cost

Compared to all building materials exterior metal wall panels are low cost, easy to install while maintenance is just negligible. Since structures are made from cycled steel metal products, the process automatically lowers its producing cost while ease of installation backed by structural metal panels reduces installation time and cost. Once installed, they do not require any kind of coating or painting and can preserve their shine and endurance for decades with bare minimum maintenance cost.


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