Know About The Specific Importance To Apply For A Blue Verified Badge

If you can get the blue badge of verification for your Instagram account, it will be perhaps the best perk that you will have. This is because:

  • You will be able to work with another verified influencer which will add to the benefits even more.
  • You will be able to get more tangible likes followers on all those clickable Instagram stories.
  • You will be able to gain and share more clickable URLs in your clickable Instagram stories.

All these will be possible when you make the full use of the new update from Instagram: apply for a blue checkmark for making your account Instagram verified.

Typically, an Instagram verified account has provided the marketers with the wings and also the wind beneath it. This has enabled them to get in touch, partner with and to fly higher-lying on the backs of and relying on the Influencers much more easily and effectively.

Therefore, there is no doubt that today all business brands should prioritize obtaining the Instagram verified b as that will help them a lot to select the influencers. This will help them in ways more than one including:

  • Helping them to define their brands much more easily and profoundly helping them to reach out to a larger audience
  • Making it easier for them to find an influencer and collaborate with them for better results and further promotion of their brands and
  • Driving their products more easily that will eventually help them to bring huge profits for their business and positives for their brands.

Yes, it is true that working with Instagram Verified Badge holder influencers may be a bit costly affair, but if you can afford it will provide you with high returns on your inve4stment making it more productive and cost effective.

Most importantly, if you want to collaborate with twenty such influencers, the badge will enable you to collaborate with one big influencer and ten other small influencers. This will provide the same impact and result while keep your cost relatively low.

More on the importance

It is not without any rhyme or reason that most celebrities and public figures as well as the business brands want to have their accounts Instagram verified. Apart from the obvious reasons of authenticity and genuineness of the accounts it also helps the marketers in other ways such as:

  • Getting an assurance by the social media that their brand is real and their business is legitimate
  • Get more followers
  • Get more clickable links and
  • Improve their business profitability.

The fact that Instagram is stricter in comparison to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in providing such a verification badge makes the blue check mark more valuable than the others. As they give this badge to selective brands only, it will add value to your brand if you can manage to get one for your business account.

Comparing the past and present

As it was in the past when you could only apply for verification, now it is no longer an option on Instagram. You can now get that valuable blue check mark on your Instagram account if:

  • You have a large fan following
  • Your account is verified on other social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter
  • If you spend a fair amount of money on advertising.

Well, at this point you must know that these will of course raise the possibility of your account to get the blue verified mark but all these are certainly not a guarantee to it. As the same company runs both Facebook and Instagram, these are just a plus and not a certainty.

You may still not obtain the blue badge for verificationeasily and quickly simply because of the facts that:

  • There is no official system or any metric to measure whether or not Instagram will do the desired verification and
  • It is supposed that there is no automated process for this verification and therefore can take weeks or even months to get an account verified.

With all these facts in place, it has still not reduced the significance of this blue check mark and has not stopped the brands from trying to get it from Instagram on their account. It is seen that brands are making the best efforts and are leaving no stones unturned in order to get them reorganized. They will go to any extent no matter whatever it takes to get it.

The positives of the mark

From companies calling out Instagram on their business accounts to the complaints on their blogs, the companies feel that being Instagram verified will be very beneficial for their business.

  • It will give them the desired credibility, value, validity to their brands making it more familiar to the customer from their viewpoint.
  • It will also place them at a better position among their competitors
  • It will help them to show the users that their brand is more valued that the others as their account is verified by a an authority that is known to be strict and authoritative
  • It will help them to build their brand as well as create a better market to boost their brand visibility and sales significantly
  • It will prevent any chances of brand identity theft or being impersonated both of which are extremely harmful for a brand
  • It will provide the followers with an assurance that they are looking at a real account and therefore allow the brand to avoid the dangers of fake accounts
  • Since most marketers are not tech savvy, this blue badge will help them to avoid being trolled or used by an imposter and
  • It will help them to get their account verified in other social media channels faster as all value the Instagram blue check marks more than other verification badges provided by other social media channels.

With all these benefits of the blue check mark, it is quite obvious that businesses will go for this with all intent and effort and with Instagram making it public it is even easier to get it now.




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