Keys to Ranking High in the Google rank tracker SERP’s.

That really was my initial training ground to get some SEO knowledge and understand how the SERP’s actually work.

The trainers taught me about choosing keywords, domain names, how to FTP a file up to a website, and of course writing content was always the main focus. Yet, it really wasn’t until I met a good friend by the name of Michael that taught me the true art of Google rank tracker. He’s also probably the smartest truck driver I know.

Up to a few years ago, it was easier to get page one. Today, based on the amount of online competition, the task of getting that piece of prime real estate called page one has become much more difficult depending on the keyword. Would you like to know the insider secrets to obtaining page one?

Here are cortical steps you must do to obtain top positions on the Google rank tracker SERP’s.

Yes, you have probably heard that before, but if you haven’t the single piece of advice and something you must overcome if you want to make money in your home based business opportunity is being able to write content. You see content truly is king on Google. Why Google you might be thinking? Well, because they are the 500 pound gorilla on the internet and if you want to do well, you need to understand their basic rules to the SEO game. They like fresh original quality content spread out all over the internet. The more content you can produce, the better you will do provided you have SEO optimized the information.

What do I mean by Google rank tracker? Well, prior to getting started you need to pick a keyword phrase that you want to write about. In my article today, I am focusing on home based business opportunity as an example. You could go after other keyword phrases like make money, business opportunity, work from home etc. The field is wide open, but make sure people are actually searching for that term. I see people showing off their results on Google page one, yet when you go to word tracker or SEO Book, the search results are zero for that person’s term.

Many people have differing viewpoints on submitting the same article all over the place. I was under that assumption for awhile. I realized that I would do better in my rankings if I was willing to write unique quality content each place I posted articles. So if you have blogger accounts etc., then make sure you submit different articles over there as well. Google will like you more.



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