Keep the Hackers Away – Get Wi-Fi Protection

Wi-fi drives most of the internet networks and we have to change them again and again. There are frequent instances when our neighbours have found out the password or maybe someone else and we have had to change the password. This is not an isolated incident and has happened to most of us. This results in slowing down of the connection and the speed and can also be damaging. This is because one cannot know what information is being downloaded by using anyone’s wi-fi information. This essentially raises the critical issue of wi-fi protection. If a wi-fi network lacks security measure than it leaves an opportunity open for the hacker to target and conduct cyber-attacks. However, to identify a hacker on the network, till date there is no sure shot methodology. On the contrary, it has been observed that in such instances the individual or the business which got the network installed are legally held liable for a suspicious activity and illegal action. In addition to creating a password which is secure and strong, there are other ways to safeguard your wi-fi connection. Let us look at some quick tips which can prevent us from getting into trouble with the government or the internet provider:

WPS or wi-fi protected setup – In case if you have wi-fi protected setup, it is time to consult the experts. This is one of the primary reasons for hackers invading a specific network. WPS by definition is a feature which permits anyone to enable a software mechanism by pushing a button which automatically connects the wi-fi router and the computing device, sans any security prerequisite.

Another way by which you can discourage the hackers is to create a wireless network name which is strong, long and unique. By using random and long SSID you make it tough for the hackers. Usually what happens is that users, use the router’s default network name and thereby make it excessively easy for hackers. If this is complemented with a strong password, you can be assured that hackers would find it really challenging to try and break into your wi-fi network.

You can also turn on the firewall of your wireless router to dissuade the hackers. As this process provides extra layer of protection to wi-fi hacking, it reduces the visibility of the network making it secure.

To safeguard your wi-fi password, you can also use the VPN service. VPN refers to the virtual private networks which provides users with a service to send and receive data across networks that are public or shared. The access is such that it seems as if the computing devices have a direct connection to the private network. To avail of his service, a personal VPN can be purchased to give an instant boost to the wi fi hacking protection.

You should also disable the administrator via wireless, to ensure security. By disabling this feature, the administrator features of a wireless router can only be accessed by an individual who is connected physically to your router using an Ethernet cable.

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