Jordan and Dior will collaborate on the Air Jordan 1

The Nike Shoes are in line with the 2017 model belonging to the AF100 collection. In terms of creativity, we are served. Travis Scott did not see fit to include interchangeable Swoosh. On the other hand, he put the package at the level of materials (wool, corduroy, canvas, suede, camouflage …). AF1 Patchwork is not loaded enough for his taste, the rapper from Houston has added a zipper. Unlike the Acronym Air Force 1 Zip, the slide can be removed. The photos on feet show that the shoe is much more stylish without the removable yoke. The model that celebrates the Texas roots of Kylie Jenner’s ex-mate will not be an easy cop. It will give you as much trouble as the Air Jordan 6 Olive.Anyway, this collaboration between Jordan and Dior is in the pipeline and should be done on the Air Jordan 1. From then on, rumors burst out and evoke the Air Jordan 1 the most premium in the history of the Mark.
All kinds of Jordan 1 High All Star shoes and additions are a perfect break. We can mention the transparent silicone clasp at the collar with white stitching. The languages ​​”NEIGHBORHOOD”, as well as “AUTONOMY” and “PRIDE” appear on the languages. In turn, the inscription SUMMAEVERYTHANG appears on the heels, which is not the name of the artist’s private Instagram profile. The culmination of her thoughts are insoles covered in collage referring to South Central in LA, as well as bright red tongue and laces colored in black and in neon shades of green and red.The workshop was classic and known to all Air Force 1 High, and the fruit of her work can be seen in the pictures pasted under the text. The design of the shoe was tinted in black, but to avoid boredom, Lauren decided to make each panel made in a different texture or material, and we can see here even suede and leather in several variants.
We could mention the collaboration between Air Jordan 4, Pharrell and Chanel as a trend prescriber or more recently the association between Louis Vuitton and Supreme. Today, luxury and sportswear or streetwear collaborations are current currencies and should soon bring two associations of mastodons together. If we recently told you about the adidas Prada association, it is this time a collaboration between Jordan and Dior is mentioned. Dior side, we can say that the brand owned by LVMH wants to meet its competitors by offering a collaboration with the brand Jumpman, or we can see a will of its artistic director, Kim Jones, which we know very well close to the swoosh brand.Reality, according to other rumors more founded, this collaboration would see the light next month and would be composed of two sneakers and a textile capsule. Still according to these same rumors, the total stock would be very short and limited, potentially reserved for very good customers and friends of the house Dior.



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