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RS Boneyard is the latest Treasure Hunter promotion running until Aug 12th. During this TH promotion, players have a chance to obtain some tokens for the Bone Master outfit, Crypt scythe, Crypt staff and others.

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Enjoy RS Boneyard TH promotion until Aug 12

The latest Treasure Hunter promotion, Boneyard RuneScape, is active now and runs until 23:59 game time on August 12, 2019. During this TH promotion, players are able to dig up one cell per RuneScape Treasure Hunter key on a grid shown in the TH interface.

What are rewards from RuneScape Boneyard?

A grid square can be chosen During RuneScape Boneyard Treasure Hunter promotion. Players need to fill the grid with bones and indicate the reward is claimed, or claim one of the revealed categories. Sometimes it may reveal a tile’s reward category, and the grid can be reset when all the tiles are either dug or revealed.
The prizes are tokens that can be used to unlock some pets, overrides and outfit. Here are the details of these prizes:
-Forsaken graahk pet token, used to unlock Forsaken graahk pet
-Tomb gorilla pet token, used to unlock Tomb gorilla pet
-Skeletal bear pet token, used to unlock RuneScape Skeletal bear pet
-Crypt scythe token, used to unlock Crypt scythe
-Crypt staff token, used to unlock Crypt staff
-Crypt shieldbow token, used to unlock Crypt shieldbow
-Bone master outfit token, used to unlock RuneScape Bone Master outfit

Seize the chance if you want these prizes in Boneyard RuneScape Treasure Hunter promotion.

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