Jeff Yalden’s mental health presentation turned into a controversy

Mental health is one of the biggest one going issues at the moment thus various schools and districts around the globe are trying to educate and help the students in every way possible. Similarly Bay Port High school invited Jeff Yalden as a guest speaker to speak to the kids about mental health and raise awareness but since then he and the school has received some controversial feedbacks from the parents and the students that attended the mental health seminar at the high school.

The guest speaker was asked to address the young minds about mental health and suicide but something went wrong. Some of the parents and students believe that the remarks made by Jeff were inappropriate and he shouldn’t be allowed to speak to the students in such manner.

The school is doing everything in its power to provide the students with an open and safe place to give their reviews about the seminar and the Superintendent Damian LaCroix also issued a letter of apology to all the parents.

The letter states, ‘I am writing to extend an apology for the presentation at Bay Port High School yesterday which did not reflect our high expectations for a message on this topic.’

Since he was initially invited by the district to speak both at the Bay Port high school and middle school but after the complaints and negative feedback from the students and the parents, the committee decided to cancel the seminar at the middle school.

Students and parents claim that he drastically explained a suicide incident which affected a lot of students. Ten of the students left the seminar after listening to the story because of panic attacks and one of them passed out and the school had to call an ambulance.

Students and parents have given then Jeff Yalden Reviews and some support him while others find him unfit to deliver such presentations. According to a student Yalden’s message was not delivered the way it should have been. Nortan said, “His message was ill-delivered and inappropriate for any audience. His insufficient trigger warning caused a lot of harm to multiple students and seemed unnecessary to the point of his speech. I don’t believe Yalden should have the opportunity to speak to today’s youth if this is the performance he is consistently delivering.”

On the other hand there are parents and students that claim that his message was too the point and the kids needed to hear the truth about the mental health issues that have been taking lives. A parent also claimed that the world isn’t the same as it used to be thus it is necessary to teach the kids about such stuff if they want to survive in the world.

The sole purpose the presentation was to highlight the issues related to mental health and wellness and how it is affecting students and adults all around us but yet it turned into a Jeff Yalden Controversy. Apart from that everyone has a right their own opinion but the school is apologetic to the parents and students who felt distress after the seminar.



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