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It is ironical that there is acute shortage of water for irrigation purposes when more than 80% of the planet is full of water. Naturally, we are referring to the oceans and seas that occupy a majority of planet Earth. The question can certainly arise as to from where do these oceans receive water. Of course, the rivers from the land flow down to the seas thereby swelling them. Hence, if there is so much water on land, why do you not have enough water for irrigation? The reasons are many. You need water for residential use, industrial use, etc. This leaves you with little water left for irrigation. Therefore, there is a need for conservation of the same. Drip irrigation is the best method to conserve water. You need special equipment for drip irrigation. You can get them online at Irrigation Store Australia.

This store is a one-stop solution for irrigation supplies all over Australia. You get different types of drip irrigation equipment here. This includes the pipes, connectors, the flush line valves, filters, etc. You need special kinds of pumps for this purpose. You get them here as well. The drip irrigation equipment can conserve water in a variety of ways,

In the first place, there is no wastage of water by evaporation. In the normal pipeline methods, the farmers water their fields liberally with water from the wells, canals, and ponds. Some plants like sugarcane, rice, etc need large quantities of water. However, horticulture plants do not require such water else they will start to decay. They need water but in minute quantities. Drip irrigation enables you to supply the right quantity of water in the fashion they require.

This method of irrigation allows you to supply water drop by drop directly to the roots of the plants. When you do so, the plants receive water in abundance without wasting a single drop to evaporation. This is because the soil absorbs the first drop before the arrival of the second one. This drip irrigation enables you to supply fertilizers and nutrients as well.

Drip irrigation is great as far as conserving of water and supplying nutrients to roots are concerned. However, you need to complement the same with water sprinkler systems for watering the leaves and keeping them green and hydrated. You can space them out beautifully all over the field so that every plant gets the benefit of the use of the sprinklers. Together, they make a great combination as far as utility and conservation of water is concerned.

You get these instruments at the irrigation supplies store. You can install these systems and see to it that your plants do not suffer in any way. Conservation of water is very important. Hence, it is better to make use of valves that prevent the backward flow of water into the pumps and tanks. These valves play a great role in maintaining the tight flow of water. You have pressure reducing valves as well that can reduce the pressure of water that flows through the pipeline.


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