Interesting Things You Need to Know About Grass Rugs

Seagrass is grown in standing salinated water bodies and then dried to make strong yarns for carpets, strings, and rugs. Grass rugs have garnered the attention of most homeowners who demand natural products, as it is environment-friendly.

Grass Rugs- What You need to Know


Natural seagrass rugs are eco-friendly as they are derived from sustainable plants. Seagrass is often grown in paddies and mashes flooded with seawater. It is grown in an eco-friendly manner and is completely biodegradable. Moreover, as it is grown and derived naturally, it is non-toxic and free from chemicals, which makes it the best choice for indoor flooring carpets.

Attractive and easy to clean

Although grass rugs are available only in neutral colors, it has a unique attractiveness that enhances any type of décor. Unlike most of the natural rugs, seagrass rugs are soft which explains the reason it is preferred by many. The hard fibers prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt on these rugs and therefore it is relatively easy to clean these rugs quickly. However, it is important to remove stains and spills quickly to avoid permanent damage and discoloration of the rugs.

Antibacterial properties

As seagrass rugs resist dirt and debris, it hardly collects allergens. It also has mild antibacterial properties. These natural rugs must be vacuumed and cleaned regularly if there are accidental spills. As moisture damages these rugs, it is important to steam cleaning or wet shampooing while cleaning it. Although grass rugs are water resistant, it is susceptible to damage when exposed to moisture and liquids.

Natural and cost-effective

As seagrass is a natural plant that grows quickly, it is considerably less expensive compared to other flooring materials. It is as attractive as natural wood with its neutral colors. Moreover, it is available at reasonable price rates. With hypoallergenic properties, this rug is definitely the best pick if you are allergic to dust and pollens.

Grass rugs have unique requirements during the process of installation. It is important not to stretch the carpet while installing as it can deteriorate the fibers. Ensure that your floor is suitable for these rugs before you install it. While these rugs are the best flooring option for indoors, it is not suitable for outdoor applications as consistent exposure to elements can damage these carpets.

You can find a variety of seagrass rugs to complement your kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and other indoor spaces in your home. With a wide range of exciting patterns, these rugs can add to the décor of your home.

Seagrass carpets and rugs are ideal for those who demand an eco-friendly, water-resistant and durable flooring option for their homes and office spaces.


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