Interesting Facts About Pizza Boxes

Pizza an Italian dish is one of the best-loved comfort foods in the world. Whether Italian or not you will seldom find a person who does not love a bite into the warm, cheesy and gooey pie of pizza? A recent survey has revealed the fact that a maximum number of pizzas are delivered in boxes. This makes the art of designing pizza boxes quite a flourishing one and the trade of these pizza boxes quite a profitable one. With the growing number of pizza brands, there will be more and number of customers to buy pizza boxes.


It has been said that the concept of the pizza boxes did become all the more prominent during the time between the World war I and World War II. Prior to this, the wax lined thin paper bags were used that did carry smaller pies. The structure of the regular pizza boxes that was 16 inches by 18 inches did become popular from the very initial stages when brands came to buy pizza boxes for making deliveries to their customers. These boxes were made of B fluted corrugated cardboards. They happened to be two inches thick in their breadth.

Colors Used

Most of the brands like to use as fewer colors as possible. Two of the most favorite and popular color that is used on a pizza box will be that of red and green. Places that are more sophisticated will like to use more monochromatic designs and images. The whole idea is to appear as Italian as possible. This is imperative for attracting a larger number of customers from the market.

Images And Words

Some very common images that can be found on a pizza box are the image of a winking chef at the camera. There can be other images that will portray a bunch of people having a nice time with pizza and drinks or a tempting slice of pizza with sumptuous toppings. The whole idea is to have a warm comfort food that can be enjoyed by a gang of people who are close to you. Pizza is essentially synonymous with having a great time with people close to your heart. It is a typical food considered to be best for gatherings and friendly meet.


When you buy pizza box one thing that you will notice that not much is said about health or any statutory warnings. The whole feel is smart, slick, warm and very inviting. This is the essential tempo that is maintained even on the outer boxes in which the pizzas are delivered. It is an essential marketing gimmick.



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