Instances When You Need to Call a Civil Rights Attorney in Los Angeles

There are many different instances where a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles can help you in your legal situations. They are specially equipped and experienced in negotiating between parties and private individuals to help them get the justice and compensation they deserve. But what is a civil lawyer, and what kinds of cases do they usually work?

Broadly, there are two kinds of lawyers: civil and criminal. Criminal lawyers are usually trying to prosecute or defend people in court from criminal charges. Civil rights lawyers, by contrast, help in cases where disputes of responsibility and consequence exist. According to Illana Waters, “civil cases are where lawyers represent private individuals in a dispute. While there may not be an imminent threat to society, one individual can seek compensation from another who allegedly wronged her.” So while there are plenty of criminal lawyers, a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles specializes in settling disputes outside of criminal fault.

Common cases taken up by a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles include:

1. Civil Rights

This may seem like a no-brainer, but actual civil rights cases are different from general civil cases. A civil rights attorney in Los Angeles will often specialize in this kind of case while also taking on others. Generally, civil rights cases involve instances where a party feels their human rights have been violated. In the case of groups of people, these are often called class action lawsuits. Examples include “seeking damages for unlawful police searches, or discrimination in housing, employment or education” and often involve compensation and, in some cases, changes to ensure that such instances do not happen to other people in the future.

2. Business Law

Business law issues in Los Angeles almost always include a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles because they rarely involve criminal prosecution. They are also integral to the establishment of a company and are able to advise on the best way to establish a company, like choosing an LLC or sole proprietorship. In these cases, choosing an experienced civil lawyer who understands the industry and prior cases is integral to getting the best advice or building the right case. Without the right attorney, you may end up in business trouble down the line or end up losing a dispute because they do not have the right expertise.

3. Personal Injury Law

Believe it or not, your local civil rights attorney in Los Angeles likely spends much of their time working on personal injury cases. These cases often involve multiple entities disputing fault and the amount of money required to cover the expenses of wronged parties.

When you need to hire a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles, be sure to contact a professional connected to an established and experienced firm. With their expertise and resources, they can help you build a case that gets results. Without the right attorney, however, you could end up presenting a case that doesn’t work and, as a result, you could be denied the ruling, justice and compensation that you deserve.


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