Insights on Different Types of Fence Post


No matter what type of fencing you are going to construct in your farm, it requires a different type of fence posts. A good, sturdy fence post is the heart and soul of a proper and useful fence. The post can be of wood, plastic, steel, aluminium or any other type of strong material. However, each type of farm fencing Perth post serves a unique function. Whether you are an experienced hand or learning basics of farm fencing there is always something more to learn when it comes to livestock fencing. Today, let’s learn about different types of fence post.

End Posts: It is a fence post that marks the end of a line of fencing, and it is only punched on one side. These types of posts are also used as terminal posts and as gate posts.

Corner Posts: Good farm fencing requires a well-braced corner post. A good fence requires a well-braced corner post. It is usually larger than a line post as it must withstand a large amount of pressure. While installing a corner post, consider the strength.

Line Posts: Line post is the intermediate fence posts that are placed every ten feet to support the top rail and barb wire.

Gate Posts: It is also used as a terminal post and the latches of a gate are attached to the gate post.

Terminal Posts: A terminal post is the basic load-bearing post to or from which a line of fencing is stretched.

Pull Posts: It is generally referred to “stair-steps” because the equal sections of fence create the appearance of stairs or steps along the grade. The terminal posts which are used to change the elevation along with the line of fencing are known as pull posts.

When it comes to building a fence to protect your livestock, there is a more to do than just driving posts into the ground and stretching wire across them. If the posts are not sturdy to withstand the pressure exerted on them, it will sag and eventually fail. This is especially if the fence is used to contain livestock like a horse as they are known to scratch their heads and necks on the wires of a fence and cows continuously reach under the rail to the grass on the other side.

There are several farm fencing supplies Perth available in the market to help build a sturdy fence. If you are not sure about choosing the right farm fencing supplies Perth, approach fencing professionals to choose the right materials based on your needs.

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