Industrial Weighing Solution

Not only does one need the scale to weigh the product, but you might also need the machine to price the item, label the product, print a receipt and hopefully advertise stock or promotions.

We stock a wide range of industrial batch weighing systems manufacturers pune india commercial food weighing scales to help improve the performance of your retail shop and enhance the customer experience. Calibrated to deliver precision results, our scales are known by the National Measurement Institute. This certification will shield companies from substantial fines issued from the authorities for noncompliance and provide peace of mind to customers when they shop.

Our benchtop climbs are perfect for retailers who need a multipurpose apparatus. The compact and incorporated FX50 model will weigh and cost the food item. The XS series will provide similar capabilities with additional software features. Complete with full electronic cash register functionality, media capacity, tag and receipt printing. The XT series has a fast and powerful operating system with a sizable 10-inch customer facing screen to boost the shop’s marketing capabilities. Our label and receipt printing scales are all supported by our contemporary and user-friendly software allowing the consumer to keep scale data and view reports that are extensive.

For all those working in a busy warehouse, our AWB120 Platform scale is more versatile, heavy-duty and dependable. With the capacity to operate on a rechargeable battery, the scale could be moved across the warehouse to weigh products. This can help to save time and protect against heavy things being transported to the weighing station. The in-built totalising attribute ensures that a batch of merchandise are calculated correctly and efficiently.



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