Important Parts Of Dust Collector System


A dust-collection system keeps the air safe in some kind of industrial atmosphere. A dust-collection system works by victimization vacuum pressure to deliver contaminated air via associate degree airtight system to and thru the correct filtration. The system might also expel the air within or outside, all at the proper emission levels. When escape points can’t be eliminated from the present system, you can add an ancillary dust-collection system to increase efficiency.

Any productive machinery nowadays has a modular principle. This means that there are totally different elements in assortment to the formation of complete machinery. Every piece of machine module comes with a basic elementary usage per the entire work-ability of machine. Each module is price and encompasses the entire possible machinery additional usable.

To know any machines method of working, it’s important to collectively understand each part attached within that makes the machine. And thus when it comes to increasing efficiency of the machine with slight changes according to the mode of usage and requirement, it plays wonders.

Efficient dust collector system should be the priority of an organization, no matter if it’s small or large industry. Every dust collector has its advantages and used accordingly in various industries but all of these dust collectors mainly consist of various parts like Pulse Diaphragm Valve, Pilot operated Solenoid Valve, Bag filter, baffle plate, sequential controller etc.

Let us see the important dust collector parts; this will also help us understand the working of these parts:

1) The Blower:

Commonly called fan, where in the air to be inhaled by the dust collector happens to be processed from this part. This phenomenon involves main activity of the turbines that make the fan in working condition. These have to be in proper working order to fan working stoppage free. It even supports in better air flow circulating for the surrounding machinery.

2) The filters:

These separate the residual parts of the incoming air. Usually fabricated from materials, mostly synthetic fabrics that is durable, which help in exhausting the remaining to filter out or absorb dirt if necessary.

3) Pulse Diaphragm Valve:

We will begin with the most important dust collector part called Pulse Diaphragm Valve. It is to blame for continuous flow of air and collect dust in a very bag filter. Pulse Diaphragm Valve has only one moving half known as Diaphragm. Its distinctive inelastic style provides quick opening and shutting of the pulse Valve with saving of compressed gas. Long life, High flow and quick diaphragm operation turn out reliable and economical operation.

Pulse Diaphragm Valves are worked by fundamental solenoid pilot operator. At the purpose once the valve is charged, the incoming air above pulse valve is quickly exhausted causing fast opening of main diaphragm valve. When the pilot valve is discharged, air escapes through bleed hole of main pulse valve to adjust the diaphragm pressure and quickly closes the valve.

4) Spare Diaphragms:

Spare Diaphragms is also the dust collector parts. Pulse diaphragm valve has only one and most important moving part called Diaphragm. This Diaphragm is located inside pulse valve and is responsible for continuous flow of air from one end to another. These diaphragms mainly focus on controlling the flow of fluids containing suspended solids. Hence the diaphragm should have longer life span so Maniks built it with Hytrel to enhance the life of system.

5) The Collection bags:

The residual remaining, with passage from the nozzle and the filters, it gets accumulated in the Collection bag that forms a convenient way of collection and making it dispose.

6) Visible Light Around:

The surrounding of Dust collector should be properly illuminated so that the workability stands more productive and without any disguise or confusions.

7) Sequential Controller:

Sequential controller handles general working of Dust Collector Controller or Sequential Controller is, to sprinkle air on baffle plate. When serial controller sprinkle air, the dust that resides on baffle plate, while the Dust Collection is in process, is again collected in the filter bag. The dust is collected by victimization dust Collector Controller is in timely manner as needed by customer.



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