Importance Of Educational Toys For A Child’s Development!


According to studies, learning through play is a vital part of a child’s development. Ensuring your child has sufficient time to play offers great benefits. Children realise some extra energy when they play. A child begins to find out who he is and his capabilities during play. This starts right during his infancy. Even during early development, a child’s mind is expanding by looking at his surrounding!

What is the importance of using educational toys?

The use of educational toys helps children learn many different skills which they will need in their life. This is why they are preferred most in child care Five Dock.

Educational toys help children learn about conflict resolution, develop problem-solving skills and also learn how cause and effect work. When these toys are used right, children even at their youngest age will start to learn and become more creative. It teaches children about helping each other, sharing and also improves their imagination and creativity.

Do you know children start benefiting from educational toys as early as they are one month old? Here we have shared some great ideas for educational toys based on age range and their benefits.

1 to 12-month-old babies:

Sensory play helps stimulate your child’s senses at an early age. As your child continues to develop hand to eye co-ordination, introducing toys can encourage more interaction.

Once the child becomes more active, you can start introducing problem-solving toys like puzzles. The problem-solving toys help children work through conflicts and more such as if I do this then that will happen.

Their confidence level will get boosted once they can figure out how each of the toys works after some trial and error guidance. Some of the other toys which would help your toddlers will include the ones that promote movement.

Some of the toys used in child care centres Five Dock include soothers, small portable toys with sound and light, infant play stackers or blocks and more.

12 to 24 months old:

As your child grows older, he will soon become very mobile. At this stage, introducing right toys will help teach balance and coordination which will increase your child curiosity with their new mobility toys.

As your child starts to walk, you can incorporate learning numbers by making them count their steps which will become more familiar even if they don’t understand at this age.

Some of the toys used in childcare during this age include themed books, walkers, push cars, themed toys and ride toys.

Child care Five Dock NSW helps children learn a lot right from their early age. They teach children lessons for life even through plays. Admit your child in the best childcare to help him grow better day after another!

The author owns a child care in Five Dock. Aiming to create links between the children, their home life and the centre, he provides high-quality care and education tailored to each child interests, strengths and abilities. Visit for details.



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