I was happy when I finally unpack the wig

I wanted to introduce you to the online shop Dona Love Hair. This shop sells beautiful wigs and extensions. I have chosen a blue Synthetic Lace Front Wig (SNY063), because I blue hair beautiful, but I could never separate from my pink hair. The delivery was very fast, the postman even called me because I was not at home.

I was happy when I finally unpack the wig sleek human hair wigs, she was protected in a net. For this you get a wig brush and a hairnet where you can hide your real hair underneath.

I have received so many compliments, many also thought that I had separated from my pink hair because it looks so real. The wigs of Dona Love Hair are all so beautiful and are also suitable for cosplay.

It is recommended to attach the hair from the wig to the side with eyelash glue to ensure it has a secure hold. Also a little trick like the wig of Dona Love Hair looks even more real. When you have dressed the wig, take a concealer and walk carefully to the top of the wig. So it looks like your head skin.

The special thing about these synthetic wigs is that you can even smoothing them. But I did not try this because I find the curls just too much and I will never get them so again.

You can find this wig and many other beautiful wigs on www.donalovehair.de
With the discount code jasumelody you get another 7 EUR discount on your order

I thank the shop Dona Love Hair for this wonderful wig



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