How to use Gift Card to Boost Holiday Sales of eCommerce Store?

Gift cards are the perfect presents for online merchants and online buyers. The holiday season is the perfect day to boost online sales. Christmas is just a few days away from today, Get ready to maximize your online store sales with Magento Gift Card Functionality on your website. Follow the best tips and tricks.

9 Tips to use Gift Cards smartly to Boost the Holiday Sales this Christmas

  •  Announce the sale of gift cards on your website

You can conduct an e-gift program on your e-commerce store rather than making your customers wait for the plastic cards. the e-gift card is a boon to customers who don’t want to deal with an assemblage of holiday crowds just to buy a physical gift card.

  • Don’t fear to sell it at the last moment

Let us be honest with each other. We literally like to buy gift cards at the last minute. For all the last minute buyers (right before the holiday visits), e-gift card can act as a life-saving floater.

  • Place them everywhere

The easiest way to market your e-gift cards is to put it smartly on your portal. Place gift cards on swipe box on the main page. Offer them a personalized gift card after every purchase checkout.

  • Encourage more spending

One of the obvious followed sales strategies is to use e-gift cards as a bait to upsell your customers. You can proffer a free $20-30 gift card and term them its validity after squandering a specific amount. In order to meet the threshold, they are likely to grab more item than what they thought of buying.

  • Send a Marketing Email.

You can generate an email campaign and let yourself stand out. Look out for coherent email marketing tips which can help you to hunt the right audience for your store. Mailing gift-cards a day or two before any big holidays may play big booster for last-minute buyers.

  • Reward Gift Cards for Referrals

A word-of-mouth endorsement is one of the paramount of the traditional businesses. Encourage online referrals on your website and gift them a gift voucher when they manage to refer successfully.

  • Exploit Social Media.

Market these cards and put organic posts all over the social media channels. The exclusive offers would surely attract more eyeballs.

  • Market it as a Gift for Everyone

You can add value to the gift cards by calling it a “gift for all” irrespective of the profession. Make your client understand that they are suitable for every kind of recipient.

  • Use Gift Cards as Loyalty Rewards

Much like discounts, e-gift cards can be rewarded to the loyal customers. They are known to perceive greater value than the discounts, so they can flourish a good relationship with the customers.

I hope the above-described tips will help you to increase your eCommerce website sales, conversion, and engagement. Have a Happy Holidays!!!




Darshit Parmar is Magento eCommerce Consultant at M-Connect Media. He has more than 9 years of experience in eCommerce, technology and SEO field.

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