How to Select The Best Permanent Staffing Agencies

Permanent staffing agencies help organizations find the best talent that in-house recruiters might not be able to provide. This is the reason you should consider a professional permanent staffing agency that will fit with your company’s needs, be it marketing, creative, or digital talent. Consider the following five points to select the right permanent staffing agency.

Look for Experience

When you begin your research for a permanent staffing agencies, you will understand that experience matters. Ask if they have specific experience in your industry. Check their success rate. You can ask them how many placements they make monthly, quarterly, or yearly, which would help you identify whether it is profitable to hire them or not.

Experienced permanent staffing agencies will screen the resumes and find out the best potential candidates for a permanent post. You need to keep in mind that a recruiter at a permanent staffing agency has the relationships and right expertise to give you an immediate advantage over your competition.

Provides quality candidate or not

The main function of permanent staffing agency is to select the most targeted group of candidates to present their profiles to their client organizations. Look for permanent staffing agencies who will provide you with candidates who have the right qualifications and experience about your industry and the job needs to be filled. Generally, they conduct technical and aptitude tests or in-depth interviews to check the quality of the candidates. If the standard of candidates looks to be lacking, then it may be a sign that you should start looking elsewhere for your staffing needs.

Verify the references

You need to keep in mind that the right permanent staffing agencies should perform due diligence of a candidate before they send them to you. This will ensure that your time is not wasted and you can invest the saved hours in what matters most to your business. The staffing agency should go through the different references provided by a candidate and ensure the authenticity of it. If this requirement is fulfilled, then only you can get a capable candidate right fit for your organization.

Role as a mediator

There are many areas where negotiation is needed with a prospective candidate. For example, compensation, duration of probation period, etc. A good permanent staffing agency will make sure that they can relay concerns and questions back and forth and help find compromises.

Provides guarantee or not

Most permanent staffing agencies provide some sort of guarantee in the event a candidate does not work out. Usually, they offer to replace the candidate if the provided one is not right. Make sure you consult with some other companies to see if they have provided full service or not.

In addition to the above-mentioned functions, permanent staffing agencies also help their clients in developing a customized recruiting plan. The agency additionally explores their network of passive candidates or prime talent who might not be actively seeking another job.

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