How to Remove Stains from Rugs

Everyone wants to live in a healthy environment. But to maintain a healthy environment, It is essential to clean and remove stains from your rugs. Stains and dirt can affect your rug and health too. Most of the people hire professional cleaners for stain removal because they think that removing a stain is a tough task. But stain removal can be easily done by using some homemade remedies. Every homeowner should know the rug stain removal process to maintain and clean their rug and environment. The method we’ll recommend you is mostly used by professional cleaners. After following this method, Stains will be easily removed from your rugs without harming it. Just follow our steps to get rid of stains from rugs and we are sure that you’ll be thankful.

Get Rid Of Stains With Cleaning Experts

Step 1: Remove The Upper Layer of Stain

Remove any excess spill with a butter knife or spoon asap to avoid a permanent stain. Use a clean cloth to blot away the upper layer of liquid stain before it settles down on the rug. Because when the stain settles, it becomes permanent and removal of permanent stain requires professional cleaners. Always remember to blot the stain, not rub the stain otherwise it will spread all over the rugs and it will damage it.

Step 2: Apply Vinegar Solution on The Rug

Read the manufacturer’s instructions before applying any solutions on the rug. You can use a vinegar solution as a homemade rug stain remover. Take 1 spoon of dishwashing liquid and mix it with hot water and add ¼ of vinegar in it. Apply these vinegar solutions to the stained area but don’t over-wet the stain with solution. Let the solution sit for at least 10 minutes.

Step 3: Use a Clean Cloth to Blot The Stain Away

Take a white and clean cloth to blot the stain from outside. Repeat it until the cloth doesn’t absorb the stain properly. Blot the stain with cold water then use a dry cloth to blot it. Repeat this process until all the stain transfers into cloth. After this process, leave the rug for drying.

Step 4: Drying Process

Turn on all the fans, air conditioners and open windows for the drying process. This will speed up the drying. You can also take the rug outside in sunlight which will dry the rug and also helps in removing germs.

Here are Some Common Types of Rug Stains and Their Solutions:

  • Blood Stain:

    Bloodstain looks disgusting so it’s important to remove it as soon as you observe it. Use a club soda or cold water and apply it to the stained area. Then use a clean cloth to blot it away. Repeat this until the bloodstain is removed.

  • Urine Stain:

    You can apply a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water on a urine stain. Then blot the urine stain with solutions.

  • Wine Stain:

    Put some club soda on wine stain and blot the stain with a cloth. Repeat this process until the stain is gone.

Professional Stain Removal From Rug

Cleaning or removing stains on your own is a good option. But if you fail to remove the stain with the above-mentioned methods or the stains are permanent and hard to remove. Then going for a professional stain removal services is the best option to avoid rug damages. Our professional Rug Cleaners Melbourne have proper knowledge and experience which helps them to understand the need for different solutions in various situations. They are trained and certified to remove any types of stains from rugs. We have provided them all the required resources, advanced tools, and eco-friendly solutions so they can deliver the best results. Our expert cleaners offer same-day stain removal services at an affordable cost in both residential and commercial areas. Get your carpet cleaned with our professional cleaners for best and high-end results.



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