How to Prolong The Life of Your Hair Cutting Scissors?

When you’re a hair stylist or hairdresser, your hair cutting scissors are a major part of your job. Without a decent pair of shears, you can’t hope to do your work properly. Likewise, without proper maintenance of your scissors, you can’t hope to keep them long enough to make much of a return on your investment.

Here’s how to maintain your hair cutting scissorsfor as long as possible and keep them in good working order:


Cleaning is the most important aspect of maintaining your scissors. Every time you cut hair, tiny particles of hair and deposits of chemical and hair product residue are left behind. These deposits often build up in and around the joint screw, making movement difficult and cutting complicated.

To keep your scissors working correctly, use a clean, dry, soft cloth to wipe your blades between uses. Oil the joint regularly and move the blades to work loose any build up. Wipe it away with the cloth and keep things moving freely and working smoothly.


Your scissors are built to move. When the blades cannot move freely the way they are supposed to, they won’t work properly. Be sure that your scissors are properly lubricated at all times to ensure smooth, fluid, and accurate movement.

How should you lubricate your scissors? Avoid typical lubricants which are often made from petroleum products. These oils can also contain additives which can leave behind residue and further complicate the use of your scissors. Choose an oil designed specifically for lubricating scissors. It will ensure free, fluid movement, and prevent damage from one blade to the other – as well as to your clients’ hair.


To keep your scissors working well, you’ll need to sharpen them regularly. Typical use will dull your scissors overtime. Be sure to invest in a good sharpening block or stone when you purchase your blades or keep a supply of additional blades on hand to ensure you always have a sharp pair at the ready.


Storing your scissors properly is another important factor in keeping them clean, sharp, and working better for longer. Keep your scissors closed and in a protective case when they’re not in use. This will prevent misuse and other events that may damage your scissors.


If you’re a hairdresser, you know that the balance – the fine line between being too tight and too loose – of your scissors is critically important. If the tension in your scissors is too high, they won’t move freely and cutting will be difficult. Likewise, overly-tight share a can make choppy, uneven cuts. Scissors that are too loose will bend or pinch hair rather than cutting it. Strike the balance between the two by checking and adjusting your scissors’ tension regularly.

Above all, it is important to make a smart initial investment when it comes to your shears. Purchase your hair cutting scissors and all your work tools from a reputable retailer of beauty supplies. You can rest easier knowing that you made a smart purchase and that your money was well spent on something that will last longer – and make you more money on the job!



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