How to Manage Inebriated Customers at Your Restaurant

The sale of alcoholic drinks can provide good profit margins and you can use the services of professional consultants to transfer a New Mexico liquor license for sale in your name. The overheads for a bar business can also be kept under control. However a prime challenge in running a restaurant with liquor sales is that of dealing with inebriated or drunk customers.

Is there a way to control such people without losing their patronage for your business? Yes, there is. The most important thing for the owners and managers of restaurant serving liquor is to not let their guests get drunk or reach the stage of intoxication in the first place. A number of big restaurant chains across the US also do this by restricting the types of alcoholic beverages served to their customers. And they limit the number of drinks a person can order.

However, if yours is a small, local restaurant and you do not have rules for limiting drinks per customer, you can still handle the issue of too much drinking by your visitors.

The first step is to recognize someone who has drunk a lot. This is obvious by their body language and their conversation with others. Do not serve them anymore even if they insist on being served again and again. You have all the rights to call the cops if they act violent towards anyone or harm your property.

If you have obtained a liquor license for sale New Mexico, you should also understand the responsibilities that come along with this privilege. You are liable to ensure that customers drink only up to a limit in your premises. Although the laws on serving and sales of liquor differ from state to state, in most cases if a drunk person is involved in an accident and he got drunk at your restaurant, you too may be held liable in the case.

To avoid lawsuits that stem from drunkenness therefore is to simply stop serving a person who does not appear sober. However, there are many alcohol lovers who can hold signs of intoxication very well and your staff may not realize that they are drunk until it is too late.

At times a customer who has already drunk a lot at another bar may walk into your premises and ask for more drinks. If you refuse, he /she may complain that you are acting illegally but actually you are not – you have a right to refuse and you are acting responsibly here.

Other ways to deal with heavily intoxicated are:

• Offer them some food or coffee as an alternative to alcoholic beverages

• Call a cab for their ride back home or call someone at their home if you know this customer

• If they are very angry and abusive, just escort them outside your restaurant premises and call the cops – they will take care of the person until he / she is sober and safe.

As the restaurant owner, you should also ensure that your staff members are trained to handle customers who get drunk.

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