How to Manage Creative Teams Effectively

Creative people are important for your business and you need to know how to get the best out of them. Though all companies say they care about innovation, very few companies take the necessary steps to keep their creative employees happy.

To make things easy for you, here are the secrets of managing creative teams successfully that will help in retaining and engaging your best people.

1. Let Them Fail

When managing creative people, you need to act like parents who show unconditional support to the experimentation they do. If you are sure about things will work beforehand, it isn’t creative. Always remember innovation comes with experimentation and risks. Creative people are natural experimenters and you should let them test new things their way.

Of course, there are costs involved with failures and experimentation. But it is better to bear the costs of experimenting rather than bearing the brunt of the high cost of not experimenting or not innovating at all.

2. Don’t Pressure Them

If you want your creative staff to stick to predictability, order, and structure, you are killing creativity. Always remember creativity in a person is enhanced when they have more freedom and flexibility in the work they do. Creative ideas are spontaneous, and they normally come out of your mind unpredictably.

Don’t force your creative employees to follow processes and structures in their work. Don’t ask them questions like what they are doing, or how they are doing and give them maximum flexibility in work hours. This is one of the secrets of managing creative teams that would ensure your creative staff does not go to work with your competitor.

3. Establish Communication Protocols Within the Team

Inter-team communication is important to the success of any design project. Everyone looks at creative work from a different perspective which can lead to ugly situations. You need to set communication protocol for inter-team.

4. Be Result Oriented and Not Method Oriented

You should allow your creative team to pursue their own ways to achieve the creative goals but make sure the creative goals are achieved at the end. You need to ensure expected results are stated clearly. Setting accountability is one of the ways to ensure the creative teams focuses on achieving effective team results.

By making them accountable for results, you can ensure they know where they are heading, review their work periodically and make adjustments to ensure they are on right track.

5. Provide Them Required Resources

Creative rooms with lots of paper and pen, bean bags and toys are more inspirational than office rooms with bland furniture. Building blocks or Legos are useful in visual brainstorming which is more effective than verbal brainstorming sessions.

How do you manage creative teams in your organization?


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