How to keep your children busy and out of trouble by entertainment

Why is getting a kids cubby in the back yard a good idea? There is not a better way to have your kids in a safe place than in your own house. Let your kids have fun afternoons inside your own yard while you do the housework.

We know sometimes it’s kind of hard to keep kids busy when there is not even a park around the neighbourhood. But there is always an option. Parents have to take advantage of their kids’ imagination by giving them the perfect tool to play with. Kids just need a place and they are done.

Country Cubbies has opened their doors to families. They provide the highest quality material made cubbies for your little ones and sometimes for the bigger ones as well. A well-structured cubby, from the best pine selection, and homelike wooden floor describe how safe and long lasting these cubbies can be. They care for people to make just one lifetime purchase, something which is child proof. Kids do not care how much something costs to parents. That is why we care for people to buy an affordable, robust structure where children can run, jump, and hide.

No one can resist playing inside these marvellous cubbies. With a very skilled and talented team to build the most amusing cubbies, they provide different models and sizes according to the customers’ need. The cubby houses for sale show the brightest colours that catch children’s eyes, and of course, the slide to go down in a fun way makes these cubbies excellent choices as a gift.

What are the advantages of getting a kid cubby?

  • Children are safer than in outdoor parks.
  • Parents know where their children are.
  • Parents get to know who their kids play with.
  • Discipline can be enforced – kids must do homework before playing outside.
  • Children are kept out of trouble.
  • Children are kept busy while parents do the housework or work.
  • Children are taught to keep their things neat.

Maybe you may find some other advantages why getting one of these wonderful cubbies is a good idea. They are beautiful, eye-catching, safe, and fun. They are also a place for parents-kids time. We as parents never had something quite like this before. So maybe we may want to try to have some fun with our children. You can also have a small birthday party celebration and have some of your kids’ friends over to enjoy these real-life size cubbies.

There are different models and size. You can choose:

  • The Ultimate Fort Playhouse with a Red Tornado Slide.
  • The Country Cottage
  • The Country Cottage with 300ML elevator and slide
  • The Jumbo fort with Tornado Slide
  • The Jumbo Fort with Wave Slide
  • The Butler Boys
  • The Country Manor.

Country Cubbies will be delighted if you decide to get one of their cubbies. They will offer you multiple choices. Just get in touch with them, let them know what you want. You buy and they sell, deliver and install your brand-new kids’ cubby right into your backyard.




Welcome to Country Cubbies, we are here to make your experience one to remember! We are a family owned and operated company that have employed experienced staff to make sure your getting the best product in the market. You won't leave disappointed.

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