How to Improve the Registration for your Next event?

Attendee registration is undoubtedly one of the most productive and efficient ways to track the success and predict the fate of the events. Due to the technical advancements, it has now become quite easy for the planners to get maximum number of registrations and create a buzz around the events substantially.

Here are few tips to give a push to your registrations:

Make it Mobile friendly

Be sure the registration page is optimized for a smartphone. Most of your attendees use mobiles for booking the events and scheduling their event diary. This makes it a prerequisite to make sure that the software has a well supported mobile app which is present across major OS like android and iOS. This will enable the planners as well as the users to download and plan the events with ease.

People are increasingly using mobiles to book events and join meetings, hence mobile friendliness is one of the chief determinants in making the events success.

Create a sense of urgency

A brief and urgent message can help to expedite the process and attract more registrations. It’s enough to sway the decisions of those that are still undecided. The landing page needs to contain a brief but urgent message. An overly simplistic message like “click here to register” has zero urgency. You need to get people thinking that procrastinating can potentially mean missing out.

Show… who else in on the go

The best part of the new age event registration software is that it lets you feature the names of the registered attendees with the event. The strategy is helpful especially in the case to lure more people who are still in deciding phase. When they see the large number of attendees, some of which are familiar names and faces, then they may be more inclined to go through with the registration.

Keep it short

One of the important things to keep in mind is that people do not want to invest too much time on filling up the applications and forms. With that in mind, don’t bombard attendees with unnecessary questions. It’s understandable that you may want to ask specific questions for metric purposes, but the registration isn’t the time and place for that.

Speaking of payment, attendees should be able to enter payment information within the same page instead of being redirected to an unfamiliar payment processing site. In addition, you should also enable payment via PayPal. This enables people to pay by inputting their PayPal address. It’s a huge time saver compared to entering full credit card details.

Keep options open for accommodation

There can be chances where the attended might be taking a longer route of coming form a different city to attend the event, in case of conferences, seminars etc. it is always helpful to keep the lines open and put questions regarding accommodation. This will paint a good picture for you and definitely earn you some brownie points especially from attendees that do actually require special accommodations.

Attune Events has emerged to be an ultimate source to organize the details form scratch through execution of events globally. Events Managers have been widely recommending and appreciating the robust and dynamic architecture of the application and merging it in their work culture. Attune has become the new age planner’s event registration software.



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