How to Hire the Right Creative Staffing Agency in Los Angeles

Creative job positions are also known as Hard-To-Fill positions.  The problem is many writers, artists, designers, musicians, and actors are very busy, and can be hard to engage on a new project. The best way to fill in creative positions is to use a creative staffing agency from Los Angeles to do the job.

With so many creative staff agencies out there, how do you know the right one for your business? Here are a few questions you need to ask to your next creative staff agency.

1.  What Does the Agency Think of the Future of Marketing and Advertising?

When you hire a creative staff agency you need to ensure they are aware of the new technologies in the market related to the creative field.  This will ensure they know the creative skills required in potential candidates for different creative job positions.  For example, a designer needs to have knowledge about latest graphics or animation software in the market.

2.  How Does the Agency Plan to Get Best Creative Talent for Your Business?

It is easy for any staffing agency to say they are the best, but you need to be sure if they can back up their claims or reputation. To connect with the best creative talent in the industry, you need to look for a staffing agency that has been in business for a long period of time. There are staffing firms that have a good rapport with leaders in different business verticals and such staffing agencies attract top creative talent.

The extended reach of the staffing agency certainly matters if you have already searched the local market and have not found any suitable creative talent.  The best creative staffing agency from Los Angeles will have access to candidates that you don’t. These creative professionals can be people who are already working at other places, but might be interested in better opportunities.

Since many creative professionals also freelance, you need to look for a staffing agency with a strong network.

3.  How Does the Agency Maintain Client Communication and Collaboration?

When you hire a staffing agency to manage the recruitment process, they generally manage all aspects of hiring including posting job adverts, sorting resumes, organizing interviews and background checks on potential candidates.  However, the staffing agency needs to communicate about every plan and strategy they are employing to find suitable candidates.

The staffing agency needs to regularly communicate with its clients about the hiring process. For example, you need to know what job descriptions are being advertised to attract candidates, what skill sets are matched with every creative job description, what are the important characteristics of people that are being considered while selecting potential candidates?

All this information will help you understand what kind of new expertise will join your organization and you can see your organization leveraging their knowledge to advantage.

4.  What Are the Costs?

The price that you would be paying is an important element in your decision. Some staffing agencies charge hourly while some charge per candidate. You need to decide what suits your organization.


Vitamin Talent is a creative staffing agency operating from Los Angeles ( ), Toronto, London, etc., providing companies with the right talent and placing job-seeking candidates in the best positions.



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