How To Get Tips On Writing Spiritual Novel

Writing has no limits. It has a range of genre, some famous, some are on the verge of getting famous. Spirituality, especially in India, is a topic that can be debated on for years. India has seen many Rishis (saints) and gurus. Indian Vedas contain inventions and explanations of things which scientist are proving now. World has seen many revolutions over the ages like scientific revolution and many more. Time has come to see the spiritual revolution. Spirituality is at it’s peak in the world. Many debates are going on spirituality. Many books have been written to increase the knowledge of people and enlighten their minds. Nowadays, spiritual novels are really gearing up.


Spirituality includes a range of topic. It has many sub genres. Authors right about life after death, embracing the idea of being satisfied with what we have, power of enlightenment, true meaning of prayer, existence of god, power of universe and so on. Happiness and contentment is lost somewhere in this busy world. These books and writings give a piece of hope to people searching for love, peace, harmony and blissful life.


Let us see what all is needed to write a spiritual novel.


Research goes by without saying: Spirituality is topic that is closely linked with people’s sentiment. You will never want to hurt someone’s sentiment and ideology. You need to have ample amount of knowledge about various community’s faiths and beliefs. Knowing everything may take many years but having superficial knowledge is must. You must have some knowledge about the part that are too sensitive to be touched right now and needs to be written very patiently and consciously. For all this you need to research. Dedicate a good amount of time in researching and knowing every religion.


Impartial writing style: You must not be biased towards a particular religion. Of course, you can write focusing on one religion. But you need to be very attentive and careful. You must not, by any means, force others to follow a particular religion. You must not be promoting any particular religion. As a writer it is your responsibility to remain impartial.


Too much information confuses more than explaining: I understand that when you have encountered or understood something that has changed your life for better; you want to share your experience with others as well. But always know how much to reveal in a go. People need time to sink in what is being told. If you have too much information then it’s better to tell it in a series of novels. This way you can explain better.


Publishing: Writers get conscious if they will get any good book publisher India or online book publisher India for spiritual books. This is not even a question. Many popular online eBook publisher and print spiritual novels. Content of the book matters, genre doesn’t.



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