How to Get Hired Through a Permanent Staffing Agency

Many people consider having a permanent job with a reputable company to be the pinnacle of their career aspirations. A permanent job of this kind, after all, guarantees both regular work and regular payment.

If you want to join the legions of the permanently employed, you can either take the long route or the comparatively easier one. The long laborious route involves writing job applications, going for job interviews, and waiting for the right companies to hire you for the right amount of salary. But if you take the short route, you sign up with a permanent staffing agency and leave them to do the legwork of finding you a permanent job.

Here is How Permanent Staffing Agencies Operate

A well-established and experienced permanent staffing agency generally has industry-wide contacts. As they have been hiring candidates for a long time for various companies, they receive intimation whenever these companies are hiring. So, they know who is hiring and for which position and they can then riffle through their roster of talent and recommend the ones that match the job description.

Since these agencies have strict hiring standards, the company knows that they are only going to receive the resumes of capable and talented individuals. It is a win-win arrangement all around. The company gets a perfect candidate for their open position, the candidate gets the permanent job that they have been hankering after, and the agency gets both a happy client and happy talent.

Here is Why You Should Register with Permanent Staffing Agencies

Registering with a permanent staffing agency will put you on the path of landing a permanent job far quicker than going the traditional route. There, you will be contending with an inordinate number of bright people and you can’t be sure the prospective employer will even notice your resume in the deluge of talent. Of course, you will be vying with bright people in a permanent staffing agency as well, but at least you can be sure that someone has read your resume, checked your credentials and work experience, and found you reliable enough to have you register with their agency.

They will note your skills, capabilities, and preferences, and match you only with work that fits your qualifications. This will benefit both you and your prospective employer. You can settle down to work you like, are good at, and are being well-paid for. You need no longer think of chucking your employment and heading for the greener grass on the other side. Your employer, on their part, can sigh in relief for having filled the position with the right candidate. They need no longer advertise for the job, read and respond to applications, shortlist applicants, and interview candidates.

Instead, they can let the agency pick the right person for them. It is this time-saving convenience that is making the top companies turn to permanent staffing agencies for their hiring needs.


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