How To Fix Your Broken Laptop Screen?

It must be very frustrating to deal with a cracked laptop screen. But remember that you are not alone. Broken laptop screen is one of the most common issues dealt by the service centres dedicated to laptop repair in Sydney. Also, it is not much difficult to replace your laptop screen and restore its functions. Initially you need to connect your laptop to an external monitor via port cable and see if it works well. If it is evident that there is no damage to the remaining parts, purchase a new screen and start replacing it.

If you are an amateur in handling electronic devices, it is advisable to contact a professional who does laptop screen replacement in Sydney. But if you are confident that you can do it on your own, here are the instructions offered by experts who are much experienced in laptop repairs at Sydney,

– Make sure that your laptop is not plugged to an AC adapter and remove the battery.
– The screws on the screen bezel are usually hidden by round cover stickers. You can easily locate them near the bottom of the bezel at each side.
– Remove them carefully with the use of any sharp objects and place them on a safe location with their sticky side up. This is to ensure that there is adequate stickiness when you put them back. Then dislodge the exposed screws.
– Remove the bezel away from the other side of the screen case. It might not be very easy as the both sides of the case are connected with plastic snappers. So be gentle and carefully unfasten the snaps.
– Once the bezel is away, you can see the LCD placed in its metal frame. After removing the screws that secure the trim frame to the case, you can hoist the LCD. Then take out any screws that connect the LCD to the metal frame.
– Unplug the video cable that is attached to the back of the LCD.
– Take the new screen and fix the video cable to it.
– Secure the new LCD with the metal trim frame just like the old one. Then fix them back to the back case.
– Then reattach the bezel. But make sure that there no gaps or openings at the edge of the screen case before fastening the bezel screws back.

Now, enjoy working with your new shiny laptop screen.

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