How To Execute A Quit Claim Deed In A Proper Way?

A quitclaim deed is used to make property ownership transfers without any warranties. In order to get a quitclaim deed drafted, you have to search the proper form and supply all the information that is requested. Find out how to execute such a Quick Claim Deed in Pennsylvania in a proper manner.

Sign before a notary

You can get notaries in most major banks, at the land records office or at the courthouse. Take a valid passport or IR card issued by the state for personal identification purposes. You will possibly require paying a small sum to notarize the quitclaim deed.

Fill the other papers

Based on your location, you might require filling up other forms before you file the deed. Ask for all forms to the clerk, if you are at the local land records office. In California, for instance, you have to complete a PCOR (Preliminary Change of Ownership Report). This form can be obtained from the office of the Recorder of Deeds. For more information about getting a free quit claim deed form, please visit this website.

File the deed

Submit the filled up blank quit claim deed at the office of the Recorder of Deeds in the nation that the land is a part of. You will need to pay a small charge for the record, which is generally lower than 100USD. Even when a deed is not recorded, it is regarded as valid. But recording makes the public aware of the property’s new deed. Thus, you need to get it recorded as fast as you can.

Send the grantee a copy

Make a copy of the deed and send it to the grantee. A copy might be sent by the land records office itself, but you need not take any chances and go ahead and mail a copy as well. Keep your own copy stored safely somewhere along with other necessary papers. Please visit this site to get a quit claim deed in New Mexico.

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