How to create a niche multi-user website on WordPress

Want to create a website that can accommodate multiple users? Want to create a portal which can use the ideology of multiple personalities? Well, you can create this too using the power of WordPress, if you don’t share much technical knowledge in the field of coding the page out by yourself. A WordPress website features lots of provisions and control for the admin to construct a page which can accommodate multiple users but also keeping in mind to allow a certain range of control to individual user such that there arrives no such case where there is any sort of tampering with the work of any other user working on the website.

Now before you start implementing the website, first keep in mind of the plan which you have to choose, whether it is a business website or a blog and whether it is a single user or multi-user website of blog. Once decided with this, you can move on to the concerned plan and start working with the development part. A WordPress website gives you an option of multi-site, but don’t select that one out, else the users will be able to edit and tamper each other’s work out. So, simply move through the pages like what you normally do and choose the plain standard WordPress website options, which in later you can add multiple users and give them the required authority towards the work.

Why is this kind of a website beneficial for you? Well, there are a couple of reasons for it. First being the one, where you must be having command over a certain type of topic, but being a human being, you can’t possibly have command over each and every topic that you post about, so getting some additional writers as multiple users can help increase the range of topic analogy for your website, in short, more writers/users, more is the expertise/knowledge. Now, with the addition of multiple users/writers, your WordPress website will grow much faster, and those users can also use the power of the social media to promote the contents of your page. So, on an overall basis, your site will easily manage to reach the goal which you aimed for.

Always aim for the position of managing the website administration by yourself, as the website with multiple users will always need a leader to manage and maintain the contents, and thus you might also need the pay the setup costs as well as run the site. This will ensure your position of being the CEO, so a CEO of a WordPress website is pretty great to start with. Don’t you worry about that pressure, there are plenty of plugins available to help you manage your website with ease.

  • Some of the plugins that might help you with the website maintenance are:-
  • Having a plugin on the sidebar which can let you know about the names of the authors who write content for your website, like some kind of an avatar.
  • Letting the authors choose a featured image before posting their posts on the page, to make them look appealing.
  • A plugin which lets you choose an image from an album of images, to help you work with the best.
  • When someone posts a comment, generally the comment notification reaches the author of the site, but we don’t need that in this case, so getting a plugin which can redirect the notification directly to the author of the post will be absolutely appropriate.

So, the process of creating the website is the same as in a normal WordPress website, but adding of multiple users is what makes it different and challenging to manage.




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