How to claim flight delay compensation from airlines?

Air passengers who have experienced Flight Delay Compensation and want to know how to claim compensation from airlines, this quick guide will tell you how.

Are you eligible to claim compensation?
EC Regulation 261/2004 allows air passengers to claim financial compensation of up to 600€ from the airlines, if their flight delays for more than 3 hours. To qualify for compensation, there are some terms and conditions which should be fulfilled. The following image will let you know, whether you are eligible for compensation.

What are you entitled to?
Once you know that you have passed the eligibility criteria the very next step is to know that how much compensation you can claim from airlines. The following image will help you to know that how much compensation you can claim from airlines.

To know the exact amount of compensation which you can claim from airlines you can use flight delay compensation calculator here.

Are You Eligible To Claim Under Extraordinary Circumstances?
There are certain exceptional circumstances under which you are eligible for claiming compensation.

How to proceed for compensation?
You have two options to claim compensation for flight delays from airlines. First, you can do it by yourself and second you can take help of claim companies such as Claim Flights who will offer to do the legwork for you. Claim Flights will fight your case on “No Win No Fee” basis, it means you will only have to pay the fees if they won the case.

Here is what you have to do to claim compensation from airlines if you claim it by yourself.

First: Check whether you are eligible to claim compensation from airlines.
Second: Know how much compensation you can claim from airlines with the help of flight delay compensation calculator.
Third: Next, write the letter to the airline to ask for compensation.

After successfully sending the letter, wait for 21 days before taking any legal action may be your payment is on the way. But if you did not receive any answer from airlines or airline refused your compensation request then you might need to take legal action for your air passenger rights. You will need to hire an air passenger rights advocate.

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