How to choose the right smartphone that suit your specific needs

A smartphone is undoubtedly a fantastic gadget that almost every want to have one. The sales of smartphones go skyrocketing these days. All the smartphone manufacturers are reaping some great profit every year. Most of the people especially the young generation are addicted to smartphones. Rightly so, because they offer tons of cool things from music to HD games, from news on the go to GPS navigation. You can multitask easily. And the list goes on. Every person has different needs. One must buy a new smartphone as per his needs. Choosing the right smartphone is not that hard as it seems. However Shopping for a right one can be a complicated endeavor as you think. You have to choose the specific model from all the models available considering all the features and specs like the storages room, the size of the screen you want to get and you also have to decide whether you will go for the latest model, some old model or even a refurbished device. After you have the phone you will concern about the upgrade when there is a new model released. Here are some quick tips for you to follow before you jump into a mobile store to buy one choose right smartphone.

Your needs for a smartphone has to be something unique, while the answer for your needs can be various and you should buy one according to your needs. Like if you are buying a new phone because you want to enjoy music apps and the conventional calling function then there is no need for you to go for high-end devices with a fast processor, great camera, like an iPhone. Any smartphone can make sure you get that these days. If you are hyperactive at social life then you may spend a lot of with Facebook, twitter or some internet surfing then an iPhone 5 or refurbished iPhone 5 can be the good choice to make. You won’t be needing a powerful processor to satisfy your music, social needs. A normal processor will do that efficiently. However, if you are a gamer like me and want to play some HD games, then you should be really careful in selecting your smartphone. Dual core performs better than a single core, and Qual Core performs better than dual core. So, for gamers quad core is the one. RAM and GPU are also to be watched for Gamers. Games eat up RAM very quickly. So, buying a phone with good RAM is essential. Display-Whether you are a Gamer or music lover, bigger is better. It’s more fun to enjoy music and movies on big screen. For games also, bigger screen in required. But pay close attention to screen resolution. A small screen with same resolution will offer more clarity than the large one. If you like to click pictures and post it to Facebook then you need a good rear camera phone with flash. If you like to take video calls or like to video chat on Skype, then it must have a front camera also. Battery Life-Android phones are often criticized for their poor battery backup. If you travel a lot, then you should be careful while buying a smartphone especially if you are opting an iPhone or refurbished iPhone. Check the standby time and talk time. Please keep in mind that bigger screen eats more battery. Don’t opt for a large screen and quad-core smartphones because they consume battery quickly.

However, the most important thing for you to consider about is the price. You have weigh all these specs you need with your budget and then you can pick up the perfect one for yourself. If you have a low budget, then your choice can be limited greatly.

However, you can buy a refurbished smartphone instead, these refurbished devices can be as good as new and a refurbished phone can save you a lot of money. For example, buying a refurbished unlocked iPhone 5c can be a great way to have the advanced features of an iPhone and the price can be half down.



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