How To Choose The Right Refrigerator And Freezer To Save Your Electricity Bills?

No doubt to say that fridge and freezer operate 24/7 throughout the year. It means that 20-30% of an electricity bill has consumed by these only. But it can be saved if you use the right types of fridge and freezer. How to choose the efficient quality of freezer or fridge, you need to take the help of the following guide:

• Read the energy label

Before finalizing your purchase, you have to read the energy labels fixed at every appliance carefully. You have to check volume (in liters) of all the storage compartments, the noise level (in decibels), the (energy class), and the size (in liters) of the freezer compartment to choose that, which consumes a less electricity only.

• Choose a freezer or fridge that cater to your needs

While going to buy a freezer and fridge, you need to be conscious of your requirements. If you are residing alone, you don’t need to have a refrigerator or freezer which stores too many things. For you, the recommended size is 100 liters only. If you keep using a refrigerator, more than required by your needs, you are wasting your electricity. Concisely, prefer to buy a small size if you are single or two members.

• Choose you to need a fridge, freezer or a fridge freezer

You have to choose what you exactly want. If you need to store your vegetables, or fruits, or dairy products, you need to buy the fridge only. This option is well in those areas where the temperature is always very low as you don’t need ice or other frozen products. In other cases, if your fridge is working a good position, then you can only buy a freeze to get ice or icy products. In some cases, you need both freezer and fridge; then you must that which has both functions.

In the above cases, if you need only fridge as you are living in the coldest place and you have been using that which has both functions, then you are wasting your electricity as you don’t need freezer anyhow.

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