How to Choose Flowers for Every Celebration – Big and Small


Different occasions call for different flowers. You are not going to get away with giving people roses every time regardless of the occasion or person! Granted, it is not easy to know which flowers would be appropriate, so this article will try to break it down for you. First, check out the website for Laurel Florist and see what they suggest for this occasion.

Mother’s Day Flowers

These should be the easiest to find at any Laurel MD Florist. You usually cannot go wrong with flowers for your mother. The first choice would be her favorite flowers. But let us say you already did that on her birthday, then you can choose Pink Carnations or Gerbera Daisies. The carnations represent gratitude and love while daisies bring good cheer. You can also have them in a mixed bouquet with other flowers.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Red roses are usually the easy go-to choice of flowers but you can also opt for lavender roses. If your relationship is still new, these signify enchantment. If you have been married for a while, then do something different and give her red tulips as a symbol of your continued love. You may check with the Rainbow florist Laurel MD, to see if they may have any special designs if you do not want just a bouquet of one type of flower.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding bouquets may vary according to traditions and preferences. The general trend is that the bride gets to choose her favorite flowers for her bouquet. And the groom may wear just some of those flowers on his jacket as a boutonniere to match the bride. Groom, you could make your own tradition and have flower delivery Laurel MD deliver a romantic bouquet to the bride on the morning of the wedding.

Birthday Flowers

Every month has a special flower. You can choose the flowers according to the month the birthday is being celebrated, or ask the florist to show you the most suitable flowers to choose from. Also, if the person you are sending them to is a friend, yellow flowers would be a cheerful option.

Anniversary Flowers

Like birthdays, you will need to consider what anniversary it is. Different anniversary celebrations have different flowers, for example, the 10th anniversary would be Daffodils, 20th is Aster and 30th Lilies. But if you want to be more personal, send some flowers as were in the bride’s bouquet on your wedding day from the wedding flowers Laurel MD shop.

Sympathy Flowers

To show you are thinking of someone in their time of grief, you can send flowers to comfort them. Bright flowers that can brighten up the mood may be a good idea. These you can send to the home of the person grieving. They could be roses, lilies or daisies. However, it is not appropriate to send flowers to people of Jewish heritage for the week when they are grieving.

Christmas Flowers

Flower shops in Laurel MD receive the most orders for flowers during this season. It is customary to send good cheer during Christmas, so choose a Christmas themed centerpiece or plant that will make people happy. You may though need to consider the relationship with whoever you are sending the flowers to.

Get Well Soon

If the person is in hospital, you do not want to send flowers that have a strong scent. Choose Carnations or other bright, long-lasting flowers. On the other hand, if they are at home, you can choose whatever flowers will brighten their mood and if they are not allergic to the scent, go ahead and choose lilies or roses. Your Laurel florist can help you make a choice.

The author is a Laurel florist, who has been serving in the area for more than 7 years. He is an avid blogger who writes on tips to choose the right flowers, in his blog. Visit for more details.



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