How to Be a Successful Event Planner?

If you are interested in being a part of the ever-growing hospitality industry and having a decent set of planning and organizing skills, then event planning can be the thing for you. To become a successful event manager, you need not necessarily have a degree in the hospitality sector, or public relations, but need to possess a few skills that can help make you big in this industry. And corporate or social events are never going to be out of fashion, so you would be totally playing it safe.

Event planning is not just an art, but also a science. You need to understand; it’s not just another party planning but quite a serious one that can help build brands. The organized event is going to say a lot about your client, so your event is going to be a testimony of your client’s image. Let’s have a look at how to be a successful event planner:

  1. You cannot just suddenly start out to be an event Try volunteering at non-government organizations or other business parties. Start developing a rapport with the florist, caterers, decorators, designers, etc. Try to understand vendor relationships that can go a long way helping you set up your own business.
  2. Once you have gained some experience, try taking up an official position in the organized event. You can approach the manager directly and request for more responsibilities. That way, you would not just get more experience, but would also help to get yourself noticed.
  3. Start networking with the people you meet, develop relations that can help you when you set up your own business. Also, create an events portfolio, based on the target audience you plan to cater, with photos and brochures and invitations to the events planned for Always remember, visual cues are easy to apprehend, so try maintaining a simple portfolio mostly with pictures.
  4. Now once you are set with you own profile, build your business with all the legal formalities. Form your own business entity and get it registered. Get all the necessary business and tax-related paperwork done.
  5. Spread the word about your business. Take help of friends, family and social media and get the word out. Also, decide on the fee structure for organizing an event. You can set out a flat fee schedule or go for a percentage rate of the total event
  6. Your first event mostly decides how you would be able to sustain in the market and has a large impact on your business. Once you get your first assignment, try leveraging the vendor relationship experiences you had in the past. Also, you can use your circle of influence to set up your first mega event. Also, try getting all the stuff wholesale so as to have enough of everything, but at a reduced cost. You can go for wholesale tissue paper uk, flowers, etc. Try getting the best out of the florists, musicians, designers to make your event a success.
  7. Since your first event is crucial, you can go for a trial run, before the D-day. Have the decorators, caterers, musicians set up everything, as if it’s the final run. Check everything thoroughly for the minutest detail like the arrangement of chairs, interior designing, table arrangement, etc.

All these efforts can take a long way to ensure your successful growth as an event planner. Treat every event as a crucial one and make a lasting impression on the clients.



Nitish Rana

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