How to avoid Resume Fraudsters?

According to a survey in every big sector of IT organizations of above 20 to 30% are surveying through Fake resumes and references and many of those sectors when they came to know about this they were absolutely freaked about because the wages they pay and the amount they get because of them are very much less profit and unknowingly or knowingly for every type of fields such as product, management, sales and for any other field the best way is to tie up with the best Background Verification Companies in India. No one can never ever get away from hiding the truth like making their false credentials in their resume for that HR team is only liable but even HRs cannot do their work from time in and time out. So the reference checks will give the game away. The Sectors around India are increasingly very much concerned about this and thus the cost of a wrong hire will seriously avoid that organization in terms of employee appointment, Cost, Monthly wages, and many things and let me give a brief abbreviation of where all the verification actually needed to avoid employee fraudsters

  1. Address verification
  2. Employment verification
  3. Education Verification
  4. Criminal Verification
  5. Other Verifications

Address Verification:

A verification company will actually take care of every verification mentioned above which is actually a healthy one in terms of benefit side concern for verification company. Now coming to this verification the fact is the verifier will go to check whether the provided permanent or current address of the employee in that resume actually exists or not and also how actually the surroundings and then the personals of that employee from the security personnel and shopkeepers. From this also the character of that employee can also be easily covered but when The HR of an Organization does these it will not be efficient but the Background verification companies in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and throughout India can do these work efficiently as they are purposely working in these type of fields.


Employee and Education Verification:

If an employee is from another organization the verification agency will contact the HR department and the manager of that preexistent organization through email and telephone to verify the salary facts and the character and also whether or not about the negative circumstances. Then the verification agency will check the degree and also the grade sheet you provided is correct or not. These are the major look back that done in these two verification fields.


Criminal verification:

Court Databases and police FIR database are checked in this but only under the act of FCRA and also getting permission from the employee as it is pretty much case sensitive. National and international database are also thoroughly checked but if only with that organization wants or permits to do so.

Other verifications:

The other verification is used to deal with the social media activities and the verification needed for the organization other than the above-given types for the wellbeing of that organization growth and the major advantage is by preferring a right candidate for your organization will help that organization find the right path of earning money but these are all can be done only with the help of organization support in money wise as this project is pretty much cost efficient.

These are all the facts of avoiding resume fraudsters and so have a clarity of what you are about to and provide your resume properly by making yourself undergoing through an Background verification as they are not company oriented also they do individual oriented.

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