How Streetwear Is Influencing a New Era of Luxury Fashion

How Streetwear is Influencing a New Era of Luxury Fashion

What is luxury? There was a time when luxury fashion meant traditional clothing in expensive fabrics, predictable silhouettes, and understated styles. 

That was until the world of celebrity and the world of fashion collided. Now, streetwear fashion has become commonplace on the runways – and the fashion world may never be the same. 

The Birth of Luxury Streetwear

Though there is no way to pinpoint exactly when the trend began, the occurrence of celebrity influence over high fashion came sharply into focus within the last few years. This was due largely to big names like Rhianna and Kanye West making their marks in the fashion world, starting their own clothing lines and making it desirable to walk the streets and the runways in the same kinds of clothing. Though the world of fashion might have balked at first, it wasn’t long before the younger crowd were clamoring for these street-friendly styles – and the world of high fashion took notice. 

The Problem of Accessibility 

While it may be fun to imagine yourself styled like your favorite celebrity, it is another thing entirely to actually find the clothing to purchase. Some stars offer their own clothing lines, but these are not always of the highest quality. Singers and actors don’t always know much about fashion, after all! Finding clothes to help you rock the same street style looks as your favorite celebrities can be difficult when you’re not sure where to shop. 

A problem many consumers ran into when they dove into the luxury streetwear trend was that the plain t-shirts and comfortable pants that these celebrities were wearing might look basic, but actually cost thousands of dollars. That kind of wardrobe budget simply isn’t accessible for most people. This is why so many streetwear brands for men and women took note of the desire for affordable, accessible pieces and began shifting their offerings toward to meet this need. 

The Rise of the Streetwear Boutique 

In a strange and surreal course of events, the kind of boutique-style retailers that once sold delicate, high-fashion looks began filling their display windows with bold yet wearable streetwear fashion pieces. Where once there were stilettos, there were suddenly sneakers. Tracksuits replaced traditional suits. Graphic t-shirts usurped dresses. It was as if the streets had walked inside and taken over. 


These streetwear boutiques were born of a new trend in fashion but aren’t likely to disappear any time soon – nor is the trend, itself. With a combination of irreverent graphics and color palettes to suit every taste, the streets have come to the runways and seem determined to stay. 

What’s more, this new breed of boutiques and brands are geared toward keeping it fresh with smaller, curated clothing lines that are both high-fashion, yet accessible to more buyers. With prices in the hundreds and below rather than the thousands and above, more of us than ever can pull on street clothes and pull off the laid-back luxury look.Streetwear fashion




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