How Often Septic Tank Pumping is Required?

Septic tanks are a crucial part of many sewage systems in residential areas. Usually, the tanks are built from plastic or concrete and wastewater, as well as sewage, are collected from the house. Mainly installations of the tanks are done where there is no availability of municipality sewer lines. This means these tanks are placed in rural areas before city sewer lines were laid. Generally, septic tanks can hold a limited amount of sewage; it is quite common for household owners to enquire how frequently the tank needs to be emptied.

When you should empty the septic tank?

The thumb rule is empty the tank once every 3 to 5 years. Nevertheless, the actual frequency will depend on usage and the number of members living in the family. The frequency of pumping can increase if there are more members of the household. Take for example; a single person living in a house need not require septic tank pumping but a family of five to six may require pumping every two to three years.

For smooth functioning, it is necessary to pump the tank occasionally. If your septic system is not fully functional, it will create problems like that the sewage gets back up in the household drains or sewage bubble up from the ground around the lateral field and septic tank. For avoiding probable health hazards and costly repairs, experts recommend doing a thorough check and note the tank’s pumping intervals for creating a pumping schedule going forward. You need to ask questions like how long you have waited to empty the system and whether maintaining a standard period like every two or three years for emptying the tank. If yes, then you are efficient in dealing with overflow issues. Alternatively, you can discuss with your neighbors who have the same sized families to get a better understanding of how often the tank requires pumping.

Why Septic tank pumping is essential?

One of the major reasons you should empty the tank frequently is overloading. If you have never experienced any issues with your tank that does not mean you will neglect the responsibility to maintain it at regular intervals. It is very important to empty the tank due to the tank’s main purpose. In the tank, the heavy substances settle at the bottom and with time, a sludge layer is formed. Now if the sludge level rises than the required mark, then more solid substances will enter the soil absorption system or lateral field. When the pipes of the lateral field start clogging, liquids are unable to flow through and out of the pipes so that they can absorb into the surrounding soil. The last part of this sequence of events is the unsanitary water that makes its way back to the surface, as the septic tank is overloaded. When this situation occurs, you can smell before witnessing it. Therefore, to keep your home and the surroundings in healthy condition, it is important to call a professional septic tank pumping service that is trained for handling the waste and dispose of at an authorized processing facility.


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