How Much to pay for a Dental Consultation in Nagpur

Are you facing dental problems? Are you looking for best dental clinic in Nagpur if your answer is yes then read this article to know about the Dental consultation charges in Nagpur

If you have not purchased a dental insurance policy or if you have not visited your dentist in near past, you may be questioning how expensive that next trip is going to be. When it comes to free consultations, you have to find out what exactly includes in consultation services. Before discussing all this you need to find best dental clinic in Nagpur


Free Dental Consultations

 You have likely seen free dental consultations advertisement in a newspaper or through the digital channel and it has left you astonished what is involved. Yes, many dentists in Nagpur offer free consult campaign. These are not complete checkups and treatment and they do not include cleanings or x-rays.

Most of the time, the free consultation is going to be quick, nearly 15-minute and dentist will orally look on a thing like:

  • Are you candidate for a specific treatment
  • What are your long-term expectations
  • Whether you’re ready to start planning for actual treatment


The consulting dentist may not check your mouth other than having you smile or a fetching a warm glimpse at your teeth and gums using a dental mirror tool.

But sometimes dentists offer a free dental checkup and x-ray for new patients. This can be a great deal, if the dentist comes recommended by your friends or family, or has positive online reviews.


When Some Dental Consultations Cost Money

Thorough  “consultation” that goes beyond a 10-minute conversation and checkup cost the money. Why? Because your dentist will need to evaluate a number of aspects for your smile, analyze individual teeth, take x-rays, and maybe even have impressions made. Preparation extensive treatments like dental implants or smile makeovers are an involved process.

Fortunately, comprehensive examination and x-rays are often covered by an insurance policy or discounted when you have covered up with the dental insurance policy.


Figure out what kind of consultation you are getting, as your dental insurance will get cover or discount basic checkups, For example, a regular checkup may be free under your dental insurance policy, while a complete checkup may be covered at 80% discounted


Complimentary  Checkup

Suppose You are visiting a consultation to find out the basics, but once you are 10-minutes into the appointment and the orthodontist says you to take treatment. If you continue with treatment prescribed by your dentist he may actually waive off the initial consultation charge


Save Big on Dental Care

Free consultations would not get your teeth fixed, or keep them healthy. If you need dental care but cannot easily fit into your budget, talk to the savings experts to find out how dental discount plans can help make dental care affordable.



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