How Much Does Renting a Photocopier Cost?

Photocopier has made our life easy. We can easily photocopy any document we want. There is a much difference between renting or leasing a photocopier. Leasing involves monthly payment of a fixed amount of money and is a long-term agreement. The agreement usually involves many years. Renting a photocopier is the payment for use of the machine for a set amount of time. It is generally a short-term agreement. Photocopier rental customers are more than that of leasing. Copier rental companies also deal with leasing. Short-term copier rental is taken mostly by companies. One of the biggest advantages of leasing is that there is no need of paying a big amount of money as a fee for the copier. The smaller payments are easy to manage. When you are requesting a quote for a photocopier certain thing should be considered like wireless connectivity, print speed, duplex printing, black and white vs color, functionality, automatic document feeder, and network printing. Photocopier rental is recommended for all such things. Copier rental companies also focus on these features. There are mainly three types of photocopiers high volume, low volume, and medium volume. Following is a rough price guide in the UK-

Volume Colour abilities Copies for month Cost per month (pounds)
High Volume Black and white 40,000+ 100-250
  Colour 40,000+ 250-350
Medium Volume Black and white 10,000-40,000 40-70
  Colour 10,000-40,000 70-100
Low Volume Black and white 700-5000 10-30
  Colour 700-5000 30-40

Short-term copier rental is more affordable.



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