How MTI Problem makes Difficult to Speak English?

India is a vast democratic country with many castes and sub-castes and multiple languages spoken by the people. In addition to this, right from the birth, we are thought to speak and communicate in our native or mother tongue language. So, when it comes to learning a new language other than the native language, it becomes a bit difficult task. 

English being largely spoken and also to drive career opportunities all over the world, it becomes a necessity and a global trend to learn the English language. However, with the Advanced Spoken English Course Online, you can work on the overall development of your English skills. Furthermore, MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) is the most common problem most of the people face during the process of learning English. 

So, what is meant by MTI problem?

The language of our mother tongue is the first language we learned from our mother and family and grew up speaking the same. So, when we tend to learn the other language like English, we cannot get used to the English accent easily. Furthermore, this is when you get included with your mother language in speaking English and tend to pronounce the English words in a wrong way. 

However, with the help of the Best Online English Vocabulary Classes, you can learn the pronunciation of the various English words by listening to the audio files included in the online dictionary and also from the native English speakers. 

Why most of the people face MTI problem while speaking English?

Such a problem is faced by the people who communicate with people mostly in their mother tongue language. As the pronunciation of the words in every language is different, some people might feel difficult to suddenly switch to the other language. Though it takes times, if you improve English listening skills, you can effectively learn the pronunciation of different English words and able to speak English fluently. 

Furthermore, in order to improve your fluency in English speaking, it’s important for you to communicate with the native English speakers. In most of the schools and colleges, you will find the people who will speak the same language as your mother tongue language. So, you spend most of the time communicating with the people in your mother tongue which thus creates a problem at the time of learning English. 

In addition to this, there are some effects of MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) problem in your English speaking. They are as mentioned below: 

  • Lack of self-confidence in your English speaking skills. 
  • A feeling of hesitation to communicate with the people or the public in English. 
  • Due to the lack of ability to speak English and tending to speak English with your mother tongue accent and pronouncing the words in a wrong way. 
  • Lack of development in your academic skills or slow career growth. 


However, some of the ways that enable you to remove mother tongue influence problem and speak English fluently are:

  • Go through the Advanced Spoken English Course Online and try to improve English listening skills so that you can improve your pronunciation and speak English fluently. 
  • Make friends with native English speakers and try to have a daily conversation with the native English speakers. 
  • Listen to the various English podcasts audio files or English songs and try to practice the accent or the pronunciation of the different English words. This also allows you to improve English listening skills and enable you to speak English fluently by training your mind with the real English accent. 
  • You can also go through the Best Online English Vocabulary Classes in order to develop or broaden your knowledge of English vocabulary and read the English newspaper or the articles. 
  • You need to avoid speaking in your mother tongue language and just speak English and communicate with the people in English.



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