How Marketing Staffing Agencies Help You Deal with Hiring Woes

You might be thinking IT or engineering positions are hardest to fill but the truth is hiring for marketing roles has become tougher. Marketing has evolved significantly over last few years and the changes are so fast that it is difficult for training institutions and candidates to adapt quickly.

Here are a few reasons that show working with recruitment agencies can put an end to your hiring woes.

Access to Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are the ones who are already employed elsewhere and might not be visiting job boards. Often referred as hidden gems, passive candidates are desired by businesses as they are valuable to current employers and also have updated skills as they are working.

It is not easy for internal recruiters to reach passive candidates. However, passive candidates looking for career growth opportunities are in touch with staffing agencies. The recruitment agencies have wider networks and extended reach that enables them to reach passive candidates and introduce career openings in your company.

Without staffing agencies in the picture, it is almost impossible to reach and convince passive candidates to join your organization.

Tested and Verified Candidates Profiles

Forward-looking recruitment agencies study the job trends in the market and create talent pools where candidates are categorized as per their skill sets. Staffing agencies also rigorously test candidates for skills mentioned in their resumes. Some agencies also provide or suggest candidates to learn skills that are in demand to increase their employability.

Marketing staffing agencies are specialist recruiters and they might have hundreds of tested and verified marketing candidate’s profiles. When you work with recruitment agencies you get access to their talent pools. This means you can cut down the recruitment time as the candidates are already tested for skill sets mentioned in their resume and you need not test each candidate independently that is time-consuming.

Background and reference checks are an important part of the recruitment process that reduces the risk of bad hires. Recruitment agencies conduct reference and background checks before referring candidates to their clients. This also reduces overhead costs which is an added advantage.

Candidate Guarantees

Leading staffing agencies offer their clients various types of guarantees for the services they offer. Some agencies offer a full money back guarantee while some staffing firms offer candidate replacement guarantee to their clients.

· Full Money Back Guarantee

The staffing agency refunds entire fee received from the company for the specific candidate if the new recruits within the negotiated time period. This helps the company reduce some losses that arise due to the sudden departure of the new recruit.

· Candidate Replacement

Many staffing agency provide a replacement candidate free of cost if the new recruit leaves the company for any reason within the negotiated time period.

The above reasons clearly signify the important role marketing staffing agencies play to get the best talent in your workforce. Do you use staffing firms to fill marketing positions?


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