How Insurance Companies Try to Deny the Personal Injury Claims


Insurance companies claim to always work in the best interest of the consumer and may seem friendly and approachable. But, that all ends when you submit a claim and they have to pay up. People who are injured find that their insurance carrier refuses to pay the full amount. No matter it is automobile insurance carrier or homeowner’s insurance, insurance companies always find ways to lower the money they have to pay out. This is where the assistance of personal injury attorney in Rio Rancho is necessary to bypass the tricks the insurance companies use to deny a claim successfully. The insurance companies can be held legally accountable for unreasonable denials.

Here are a few ways the insurance companies deny your claims

Suggest you not to approach the personal injury lawyer

The insurance companies will always advise you not to approach a personal injury lawyer to handle your claim. It may be technically true, but it is bad idea. Research shows that insurance claims that are represented by personal injury attorney in Rio Rancho achieve better settlements than those who do not. The personal injury lawyers have years of experience to combat false claims and rule out insurance companies stalling tricks.

Offering low settlement

Insurance companies know well that people need immediate funds to recover quickly. On knowing this, insurance adjusters offer a quick settlement. While this offer may be tempting for the policyholders, it is never a good option to accept the quick settlement because you deserve more than that. For instance, if you are involved in a car accident, you may have injuries that you are not aware of yet. Accepting to quick settlement will hurt you in the future. It is one of the most common tactics an insurance company uses.

Deny a valid claim

There are many legal reasons that an insurance adjuster may deny your claim. However, the insurance companies will always find ways to deny your claim even if it is a valid one. It is usually done by blaming you.

Delaying payment

This is one of the most common tactics insurance companies do as they know you’ll be in immense pressure when the payment is delayed, and you will sign for a lesser amount than you deserve.

Whether the injury is minor or catastrophic, you deserve to be treated fairly and compensated for damages. When your claim is denied, consider speaking with the car accident lawyers in Rio Rancho.

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