How does A Home Elevator/Vertical Platform Lift work?

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A vertical platform lift works by raising a wheelchair coming from the ground up to a deck, porch, or doorway. It is often considered as the best solution for mobility for individuals who are not able to climb the stairs. Even though you have already equipped your home in place, entering and leaving your house may turn out challenging for you.

Alternative to Ramps

For several homes, installing a ramp is the best solution in order to increase access. However, there are some drawbacks with this option. For one, they need to be a proper slope in order to become useful. At the same time, unless they are well covered, they can still be dangerous and slippery. The requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are quite strict with the actual measurements, including the location in which the ramp should be added. When these requirements are not followed accordingly, it may be dangerous altogether.

On the other hand, a better and more practical solution is installing a vertical platform lift. It is a kind of self-contained home elevator that is equipped with sides but has no top. It comes with an entry door on a level, with another door on the second level. With this, a person sitting in a wheelchair and another one can ride in between the levels. A vertical platform lift is often used in transporting up to six feet up.

Even though this home elevator may need about 4 x 6 ft. footprint for a 3 x 4 platform, the total amount of required space is just less and is generally confined to a more compact and smaller portion of the yard. This is particularly useful when the distance from the house to the ground is over 24 inches, as the vertical platform liftusually has a smaller footprint.

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Home elevator Capacities

Several models have the capacity to handle a maximum of 600 pound. They are usually made out of powder coated substances, and can also be topped using a domed roof, as well as other coverage in order to make them more resistant to the weather. Thishome elevator is also built-in with safety features that make the operation easier, even by the person on a wheelchair. In order to avoid crashing to an obstacle, this lift also comes with safety sensors in its base, which has the capability to stop the lift if something is in the way.

Generally, a vertical platform lift is generally more affordable compared to ramps. In comparison, it only cost than half than installing an actual elevator as well. Even though this might be considered as a sizable investment, a vertical platform liftrepresents an investment which can easily be amortized throughout the years.

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